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AsiaPartTime .com Featured in The Edge “Malaysian Websites We Like”

the edge Mr.Karamjit and Ms.Aishah from The Edge are having a go at selecting 65 websites for The Edge “Malaysian Websites We Like” 2009. As usual they analyse the whole deal whether the website it a hit or a miss based on a few criteria:

  • Aesthetic - 30%
  • Content - 40%
  • Functionality - 20%
  • Personal preference (between Mr.Karamjit and Ms.Aishah) - 10%

Naturally, all websites have hits and misses. This is important for improvement as these websites are about educating Malaysians through the internet no matter what you are interested in. asia part time featured in the edge

The best news of all is AsiaPartTime being featured as one of the favoured website. This is so exciting for AsiaPartTime even though this would not be the first time being featured by a press. This is a sign that AsiaPartTime is growing bigger and is making an imprint on the Internet in Malaysia.

AsiaPartTime scores being the best portal for part time job seekers complete with a blog to educate people after all people are always seeking part time jobs. The miss would be - no profile section for the job seekers. No worries, as this means better improvement on AsiaPartTime in the future.

Mr.Karamjit and Ms.Aishah have done a great job as the 65 websites are the most influential websites in Malaysia with a lot of readers.

Thanks to the editors for featuring AsiaPartTime!

What It Takes To Be An Outstanding Writer With Liz Strauss

Liz Strauss is the anchor woman behind and the author of The Secret of Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog.

Being a successful writer and a blogger, surely there are many tips that we can learn from her after all the blogosphere in Malaysia is growing.

From an interview between Mary (the Chief Editor of Write To Done) and Liz, there are four very important keynotes that we all should take note in order to be an outstanding writer (or blogger).

Connect To Your Readers

There is a reason why it is important to connect to your readers. First and foremost, you need people to read your words. You are not writing just to display it to yourself but you are displaying to the whole world. You share your knowledge and thoughts but that would be useless without readers. By connecting to your readers, you are creating a two-way communication.

Listen To Your Readers

Now that you have your readers, you don’t expect them to just read without giving feedback, right? Learn to listen to your readers with an open mind. Trust your readers that they are making statements that will help you discover yourself in the process. Treasure their comments about your writing and accept criticism if there is any. You will learn to write better in times to come. Practice makes perfect.

Write From Your Heart

Be real to yourself and your audience. Share your feelings, your knowledge and your experience full of insights and information. Create something inspires your readers so that they can relate to themselves in a practical way. In other words, be passionate in your writing and you will reach out to your readers. There is no reason to write just for money. I know there are many writers out there but not every writers can write from the heart.

Love For Doing What You Do

“Do what you love in service to those who love what you do.” - Steve Farber

This is by far the most important element of all because if you have no love for writing, then your writing would be dead. When you love writing, naturally your writing will flourish. Take it as a mirror of reflection. Your readers can see you shine through your writing and they will love you for what you are and what you do.

If you can try to implement these tips in your daily writing, you are well on your way to become an outstanding writer.

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