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Let’s say you lived in a place like Malaysia…

Let’s create this together… a part time job market and online community focusing on our part time needs!

We’ll start with Malaysia… and prove that a community like this can

Let’s call it Asia Part Time.com.

It begins with the most intelligent system to give you what you need - instantly!

The first step is to set up base in Malaysia.

Later on it will expand to other Asian countries, giving the world access to Asia’s budding part time workforce, so you can

Who knows. Get started by creating your account.

This is your dream as much as ours, because AsiaPartTime.com is a community project - built entirely on opensource technology, and fuelled by volunteers.

Let’s make it the #1 place for you to find the perfect part time job, and for employers find the perfect part time talent, and keep this entirely free of charge.

We also provide advices and guides for our community members. Our target is to become a Scam-Free community.

You can help by creating a profile, and forwarding this link


.. to everyone you know who could benefit from part time income!

Terima kasih.

p.s : Remember to create your account. Click here!

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