7 Steps To The Perfect Part Time Job

Part time jobs can bring in extra money, but it can also be a real pain. Of course, part time jobs are available… somewhere out there… but how do you find a part time job you will love?

Here are the steps to get your DREAM part time job…

  1. Describe your dream part time job
    Write down what you would like to get with yoru part time job… Money? Experience? Meeting people? Nearby? Easy to do?
  2. Prioritise what you want
    What is MUST-HAVE, and what is NICE-TO-HAVE? For example, you might need money urgently. That is a must have. You would like the job to be related to your skills. But that is not too important. That is a nice-to-have.
  3. Identify your options
    Go to AsiaPartTime.com and tell the community what you are looking for. Broswe around and see what suits your needs.
  4. Sell yourself!
    Tell the community who you are! Be very descriptive, and highlight your good points. Be honest and confident about your talents and experience. Then do step 5…
  5. Prepare a formal resume
    Many first time or part time job seekers don’t believe they need a resume, or think that "well, I don’t really have anything to put on a resume, so why bother?" You need a formal resume for two reasons. First, having a resume to give to the prospective employer shows you’ve put some effort into finding a job (read: you will put some effort into the job you do for them…). Secondly, it allows you to showcase those things about you that you want the employer to remember. Create your portfolio now and publish your experiences. Having a online portfolio sets you apart from the crowd. Even if you have no work experience, you can still give the employer an idea of who you are, and what your strengths are. If all you’ve done is baby-sit your kid brother, put it down in writing. Emphasize the skills you learned while baby-sitting, the challenges you overcame, and so on.
  6. Appearance matters
    Make sure when you applying any part-time job, that you are brand with your well groomed and well dressed photo. You don’t need to be in a suit, just make sure you look presentable. We provide FREE upload of your photo and show it to the employers.
  7. Get a list of places to apply and sell yourself
    You can pick up a local newspaper, go to the library to look at help wanted listings, walk into recruitment firm looking for jobs or walk through town looking for Help Wanted signs, or just walk in, or call-in to sell your services… or, just publish yourself and let the employers to look for you @ AsiaPartTime.com !

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