How Do You Apply For A Part Time Job?

This article is by guest blogger Sarah Lam - Writing Consultant.

Yes, I know you want to apply for a part time job so you can earn extra money. However, do you know the proper way of applying for a part time job? I will keep this short and precise so you will know what you need to do next.

1. You might not need a resume for a part time job but sometimes, the employer would ask for one, so be prepared and have your resume updated.

2. Dressing should be neat and tidy. You can dress casually when you go for an interview but never wear something too sexy or inappropriate for an interview.

3. Since this is a part time job, you will need to be sure which day you can work and the timing so when the employer ask you, you already have an answer.

4. Answer all the questions when being asked. If you are being asked to fill in the application form, fill in properly with all the compulsory parts filled in.

5. Sometimes, you might have to apply online. If so, make sure you send a proper email when you apply for the job. Be sure to follow the instructions given by the employer.

6. If you are requested attend a walk-in interview, be sure to be there early instead of being late. No one wants to hire someone who is not punctual.

At AsiaPartTime, you should have noticed that most people apply for a job through the comments even though some of the employers request application through email. Although they will receive a notification about your application through the comments, but sometimes, they don’t give a look at it all.

I have received some applications without a proper resume, or without resume at all even though I have specified that in the job ad. This is a turn off. By knowing what the employer expects from you, will increase the chances of being hired. Skills are important but etiquette is important too.

I blog at Writing Consultation, a blog about freelance writing. Feel free to drop me a message if you wish to contact me.

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Comment by Tan Subscribed to comments via email
2009-12-04 12:34:41

hahah dis instruction is shit n useful 4 da Naive…so this site encourage scammer to cheat n get freshie/newie da personal particular by filling up all da illegal requirement? or even ask da applicant to pose nude or bikini costume? hahaha

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Comment by Tan Subscribed to comments via email
2009-12-04 12:36:28

recently taken off da so called part time translation by Allen Lim is a scam , he made use of facebook n advertise here what da fuck…

MyAvatars 0.2
Comment by Tan Subscribed to comments via email
2009-12-04 12:36:55

sorry alen Lee

MyAvatars 0.2
2009-12-07 15:01:00

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The only way that I can see possible for people to be making part time income would be through the Internet.

I know six first steps to make part time income.

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Comment by yvonne
2010-05-10 09:46:34

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i’m interested…is per day rite?@^^

MyAvatars 0.2
Comment by Yvonne
2010-05-10 11:12:39

RM 100-RM 300 Promoters : by Keith-URGENT…URGENT…

I’m interested…may I know the location??^^

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Comment by Lia Subscribed to comments via email
2011-08-18 02:16:08

Looking for partime job frm home..Kindly email at

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Comment by mary Subscribed to comments via email
2012-05-11 17:15:31

hai, i just would like to looking for part time job,im a full time student now. im not sure how to apply here. can sumone help me on this or reply to me email . tq

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2013-07-28 21:51:17

Dear sir, your company is good.

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Comment by Siti Nadirah Subscribed to comments via email
2014-05-08 19:42:29

hi..i just want to the one so called he a scam?? 0173165515 .. i worked part time at triumph warehouse last february and yet still not get paid May
. i called but never answer. sms not reply also.. i just don’t get it… is asiaparttime can do anything for this?

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Comment by ESWARIE Subscribed to comments via email
2016-03-05 12:38:28

Hi im seeking for full time home based job. Cn someone help me how to apply to tiz job or email me at

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Comment by nur farisna aina Subscribed to comments via email
2018-04-09 01:42:06

Ws 01136419404

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