Career Reviewed: Unit Trust Consultant - Part 1: Why would I want to be a Unit Trust Consultant?

This post is guest blogging by Chee Wee - An unit Trust Consultant.

image Unit Trust is a sunrise industry in our country. It has evolved into a lucrative profession. Unlike traditional career with has limitations in terms of personal growth, income potential and time, it is the exact opposite.

Too many of us are frustrated at the prospect of squandering our best years on a 9 to 5 mundane job. It is structurally incapable of giving us what we dream of most – personal and financial freedom. So why not take back the reins of your life. Why not, indeed!

Most of us are educated to pursue a traditional career in the corporate world. However in the current globalizations and high technology driven climate, unit trust industry is fast becoming popular with the younger generations.

Resources that join the industry come from a broad range of backgrounds. There are those who graduated with first class degrees. There are also people who switch to this industry with totally unrelated work experiences. This industry is quite a versatile industry in terms of recruiting human capital. It is no longer the industry for people who can’t make a living elsewhere.

Young graduates and newcomers to the industry need not fear the lack of knowledge or understanding as ample training and opportunity is available. Training programs are held to educate product knowledge and to build or refine soft skills. Be assured that there will be guidance and support from mentors. Mentors will build their people to higher level. Mentors are ever ready to reach out, to nurture and guide you.

Today, an estimated 60% of associates are earning a five figure income monthly with job loads equal to those working in the financial investment houses. The different is the networks you build are your own and do not belong to the company.

So with this I’ll end the first part of this review, in the next part we will see What’s is the benefit of this career. Just Sign up with our Auto-Feed Manager to deliver the next part to your Inbox automatically.

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Comment by unit trusts
2010-02-12 01:57:44

More and more long-term investors looking to spread their investments are turning to unit trusts. And most of them know that it is required to do a good job doing your homework before investing in them. So there’s the bright future for unit trust consultants.

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Comment by Tish
2012-02-01 13:59:27

Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thnafukl for your help.

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Comment by rpvszqeefl
2012-02-02 00:22:30
Comment by bxedfxbdyr
2012-02-04 17:17:01

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