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Job-Scam Victims, Just When You Think You Are Smart

This article is by guest blogger Sarah Lam - Writing Consultant.

I will never get cheated”. People always say so. At least you think so.

Too bad you never know when someone will cheat on you.

It is time to review again, how you can avoid scams whether you are looking for work or business opportunities.

There are eight tips to remember.

1. Too good to be true.

When someone is making an offer you can’t even believe it, chances are the offer is a scam to lure you into giving all your hard-earned money to the irresponsible people behind the scam.

2. Use your common sense.

I am sure you are old enough to think logically at all times. If you come across a job offering you all the money you want and yet you have nothing much to do, just how true can that be? There is no free lunch.

3. Get rich quick? Think again!

There is no such thing as get rich quick scheme that really works. With so many stories around the world involving get rich quick schemes, you should have known better that they are all scams.

4. Think hard before you agree on any deals.

Yes, think, think and think again many times before you say ‘yes’ to any deals anyone offers to you. If someone offers you RM5000 a month just to work as a data entry at home, think of those who earn RM5 per hour as a data entry in the office. If it is so easy to earn RM5000 a month, then there won’t be anyone working for a mere RM5 per hour.

5. Why pay for a job when you are supposed to get paid to do the job?

This is the question you need to ask yourself when you are looking for a job. Job agency? It is better to do your research before engage in any job agencies to find a job. Never pay any money to get a job.

6. Ask as many questions as possible during interviews.

When you are going for an interview, make sure you ask the job scope, the salary range, the working hours, the terms and conditions and of course, the benefits of working for the company. Chances are if any of the answers are suspicious enough for you, they lied. Think of as many questions you want to ask so you get to know more about the company and the people behind it.

7. No one offers you a job before an interview.

Just as much as we want to know our potential employers, they want to know about us too. Therefore, usually before you secure a job, you have to go through interviews. If someone offers you a job without having an interview, beware!

8. Look out for work-at-home scams.

Scan the newspapers and I am sure you get a lot of classifieds claiming that you can earn big money while working at home. I don’t deny the possibility but it is the way they conduct the business that is the scam. I know there are many people who wants to work at home. In fact, I am working at home.

Once, I sent a payment of RM80 for an ‘instructional CD’ complete with the ‘materials’ I need to start my own home business. I realised that whatever I have received from them are useless or to be exact, garbage.

Usually, they will talk about how much you can earn by doing small jobs such as sending out letters and so on. Then, they will proceed to ask you to pay a ‘small’ amount of fee to get started. By that time, you will believe it is true that you will hand the money to them instantly. The payment is usually through bank-in. Beware! Never trust such a scheme. It doesn’t work. They are the only ones who will be rich and you will get poorer as soon as you bank-in the money.

With these tips, I hope you will be better equipped the next time you search for a job. Good luck!

How Do You Apply For A Part Time Job?

This article is by guest blogger Sarah Lam - Writing Consultant.

Yes, I know you want to apply for a part time job so you can earn extra money. However, do you know the proper way of applying for a part time job? I will keep this short and precise so you will know what you need to do next.

1. You might not need a resume for a part time job but sometimes, the employer would ask for one, so be prepared and have your resume updated.

2. Dressing should be neat and tidy. You can dress casually when you go for an interview but never wear something too sexy or inappropriate for an interview.

3. Since this is a part time job, you will need to be sure which day you can work and the timing so when the employer ask you, you already have an answer.

4. Answer all the questions when being asked. If you are being asked to fill in the application form, fill in properly with all the compulsory parts filled in.

5. Sometimes, you might have to apply online. If so, make sure you send a proper email when you apply for the job. Be sure to follow the instructions given by the employer.

6. If you are requested attend a walk-in interview, be sure to be there early instead of being late. No one wants to hire someone who is not punctual.

At AsiaPartTime, you should have noticed that most people apply for a job through the comments even though some of the employers request application through email. Although they will receive a notification about your application through the comments, but sometimes, they don’t give a look at it all.

I have received some applications without a proper resume, or without resume at all even though I have specified that in the job ad. This is a turn off. By knowing what the employer expects from you, will increase the chances of being hired. Skills are important but etiquette is important too.

I blog at Writing Consultation, a blog about freelance writing. Feel free to drop me a message if you wish to contact me.

Malaysians, Are You Tired of Working From 9 to 5?

This article is by guest blogger Sarah Lam - Writing Consultant.

I worked for before and one thing I got to say is that I realised many Malaysians are looking for opportunities to work at home and set their own working hours. I have talked to many people who were at that time looking for part time jobs that they can work at home. They do not want to work in the office and for the same reason, I quit my job.

Why people love to work at home? What is so great about it anyway? When I worked with eLawyer, I did love the job. However, there seems to be something missing. It was not what I wanted. Everyday living the same routine and doing the same thing is really dull in my opinion.

Of course, if you are a high flyer and you have a high position in a company, that doesn’t matter because most of the time, you get to travel all over the world and call it working.

However, there are so many low level positions in Malaysia and people are feeling the pressure of work. The boss would expect more than they get paid for. We have to work so hard that the pay doesn’t seem to justify anything at all.

Still, why are we working for someone else? It is simply because of the money. These days, money is the one reason why we work. Without money, we can never get a place to stay, food to eat and pay the bills (water, electricity and phone).

Therefore, it is very important for Part Time Job Portal to be around because it offers a platform for us to search for part time jobs to earn some extra money to help pay the bills or whatever. Don’t forget to check our job board from time to time to find some suitable part time jobs you can do during the weekends and if you are lucky, you might just score a job that allows you to work at home.

I blog at Writing Consultation, a blog about freelance writing. Feel free to drop me a message if you wish to contact me.

Why I Want To Be A Blogger

This article is by guest blogger Sarah Lam and moderated by Wong Sook Chin.

So, you have finally decided to be a blogger. Do you know the real reason why you want to be a blogger. For some people, it might be because they want to have an online diary to express themselves while others want to share their hobbies such as reading or playing games.

There are actually several reasons why one wants to be a blogger.

1. You want to earn money

Many people start a blog in the hope to earn money through the blog. The only problem is they might not know how they can earn money from their blog except by using Google Adsense. Money being a factor to start a blog is either a make or a break in the blogosphere.

2. You think you know something

It is obvious that when you blog, you are sharing knowledge with people. In this case, you must have known something that you can teach other people about. For example, you know how to play World of Warcraft and increase your character’s level faster than anyone else so you start a blog to share your tips.

3. Learn something

You will be surprised at how much knowledge you can learn when you start to blog. Imagine having to integrate writing and communication skills when you blog, thus helping you to improve your writing skills and communication skills at one go.

4. Inspire someone

Are you a cancer survivor? Perhaps you can start a blog and talk about your journey through recovering from cancer from surgery to chemotherapy. This will inspire other people with the same fate as you and motivate them to be strong so that they can heal just like you did.

5. The love for writing

You love to write and share it with the whole world about what you have written. You can have a blog to store all your great masterpieces, be it the next ‘Harry Potter’ series or simply poems and short stories that you have written. Mind you, someone might approach you to publish your work if you are lucky!

6. Freelancing portfolio

If you have a website dedicated to your services, that would be great but if you just want a small space on the web to promote your portfolio, a blog would be convenient and easy to set up. Whether you want to showcase your latest designs or writing samples, create a blog and spread them around to your potential clients and friends.

Have you found the real reason to have a blog?

Wishing you all the best from us.

5 Tips for Successful Part Time/Freelance Business

By Zulkifli Musa.

Many would think that part time and freelance jobs should not be taken seriously. Wrong. A not-so-serious job that is handled seriously will give you serious money and serious fun. Whereas, not-so-serious job handled not so seriously may land you in a serious trouble. In fact, if you study carefully, many of the big companies today started as very small, part time and freelance businesses.

For example, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Company started his company at the back of his own home while studying in the university. The business grew at a rapid pace and eventually Steve was forced to abandon his studies to focus on his business. His business allowed him to make his first billion dollar. In one of the SKOR Career blog postings, you can also learn how 2 sisters who started a part time business and now is on the verge of getting into full time after their venture was discovered by the press.

Here are some of the tips that can propel you to success in managing your part time jobs.

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