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A 14-Year Old Boy Make Money Online, Why Don’t You?

image Carl Ocab, more popularly known as the Kid-Blogger from Philippine, has created major revolution in the Internet world by mastering the art of making money online just at the age of 14. Carl got his first computer at the age of 4 and was introduced to Internet at the age of 10 only. At his initial stage of exploring away the online world, he mostly spent his time playing online games and communicating with friends. He had no idea of any potential income from this ever evolving world of Internet.

Firstly, he got the idea of turning his online entertainment to a source of income from his father, who introduced him to few of the money making practices such as blogging, AdSense, link building and basic SEO. Later on when he became more serious about this opportunity. He asked a domain of his own from his dad, and consequently got one. He then launched his own Blog about the online gaming he was so fond of. Carl produced original content and with time, he realized that his blog/forum has made a tremendous inroads and he was earning really well. At that time he launched few other blogs and virtually duplicated what he was doing with the first one, and the step paid off, as even the other blogs were running high thus multiplying his total revenue a great deal.

His experience and knowledge about the field of Online Money making is quite extensive and well-reputed. He believes people should readily start work on the field which he is confident of doing well. Intentionally resembling his favorite speaker Anthony Robbins who puts the whole issue in this way: “You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.”

Before he rose to fame, he also tried few other blogging areas such as technology, gossips and health but were largely unsuccessful. However, when he rose to fame, it created a massive wave and even Google put him on the Rank #1 in its search result for “Make Money Online”.

Thus Carl proved that if you are passionate enough about something, you can achieve it despite being faced with adversaries of various dimensions.

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Free Blog Hosting for Blogger

If you are blogger and wish to have your own domain, then you are on the right track with us. Today, I got to know this blogger- who is offering free blog hosting for blogger that have their own domain.

Why you need a web hosting?
Here is the good example giving by BengHan:

Domain Name : House Plate Number
Hosting Account : House

To own a blog, you will need to host your domain name under a hosting account so that your visitors can visit your blog.

To own a house (blog), you will need to get your house plate number (domain name) and nail it onto a gate/house (hosting account) so that your friends can visit your house (blog).

What is the benefit of having your own domain?

  • Professional
    It gives you a more serious and professional “appearance” on the Net. Even if they allowed it and could handle the volume of traffic, hosting a busy commercial website on an individual’s free web space or on a free server like GeoCities isn’t very practical or profession
  • Future Money
    Nobody else will get the name that you need. In the early days of the Web, people would register domain names later to be coveted by large corporations; and a few made lots of money selling their rights to those names before the practice was made illegal. But even now, anyone with a business similar to yours may lay claim to the perfect name and you’d have to settle for a less desirable choice.
  • Better SEO
    It helps people find you through search engines. Sites like Yahoo! and
    Google have taken on immense importance, and getting your site in users’ search results is key to establishing new relationships with them. Many search engines only index the first page of a site with a domain name, and some refuse to list pages on free hosting sites at all!
  • Branding
    It increases your name recognition and allows your friends, family or
    customers to remember more easily how to find you and your site. It’s a lot easier to remember than it is to remember It helps brand your image and adds a level of trust and integrity to your site. You don’t want to be the attorney at the city club with an e-mail address like when everybody’s passing out their business cards!

Job Blog Review - SkorCareer

Few days back, I got contacted by Zul from He did a very nice review [More Part Time Jobs at] for us. In returned, I will review his website as per mention in our previous post [Looking for Blogger Member].

So far, this is the only blog that talked about career in Malaysia. It is very good for students and under-graduate. If you are students, then you may find a lot of interview tips and latest scholarship opportunity. For example, he introduced Dell Graduate Attachment Program, Bursa Malaysia Scholarship 2007/2008 and The Maxis Scholarship Award, all these information are very useful for students. Grad your opportunity from these opportunities. Don’t waste it.

As he tole me, one of his major income from this blog is providing Resume Writing service for job seeker. You only pay RM150 for a professional written resume. I think it is worth the value. Unfortunately, I am not buying it because I have the access to the world’s biggest resume bank. I can copy anytime I want as long as I still working with my current company.

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