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Important Announcement: Spam Email Alert from AsiaPartTime has been made aware of an online email campaign claiming that AsiaPartTime invites the community member to join some online business. We confirm that this email campaign is a hoax. In addition, AsiaPartTime confirms that the mentioned AsiaPartTime contact email ( does not exist. All emails involving AsiaPartTime are send through our main email -

Please be wary of any email that appears to come from outside of AsiaPartTime official channels: Community Job Board and Blog.

Below is a sample email from the scammer:

email scam

Please do not reply to or forward the email if you receive it.

AsiaPartTime .com Featured in The Edge “Malaysian Websites We Like”

the edge Mr.Karamjit and Ms.Aishah from The Edge are having a go at selecting 65 websites for The Edge “Malaysian Websites We Like” 2009. As usual they analyse the whole deal whether the website it a hit or a miss based on a few criteria:

  • Aesthetic - 30%
  • Content - 40%
  • Functionality - 20%
  • Personal preference (between Mr.Karamjit and Ms.Aishah) - 10%

Naturally, all websites have hits and misses. This is important for improvement as these websites are about educating Malaysians through the internet no matter what you are interested in. asia part time featured in the edge

The best news of all is AsiaPartTime being featured as one of the favoured website. This is so exciting for AsiaPartTime even though this would not be the first time being featured by a press. This is a sign that AsiaPartTime is growing bigger and is making an imprint on the Internet in Malaysia.

AsiaPartTime scores being the best portal for part time job seekers complete with a blog to educate people after all people are always seeking part time jobs. The miss would be - no profile section for the job seekers. No worries, as this means better improvement on AsiaPartTime in the future.

Mr.Karamjit and Ms.Aishah have done a great job as the 65 websites are the most influential websites in Malaysia with a lot of readers.

Thanks to the editors for featuring AsiaPartTime!

Finally, We Are Changed!

freelance job and part time job community Do you feel surprise to see we changed the theme for our community job board? After 10 months since the previous changed, our management decided to give a fresh look for community.

Why Change?

As I told by few employers, our community should have a new look to show our commitment on this community. If we don’t change, people will think that our community is dead. Moreover, we are preparing a launch for our new feature-Part Timer Profiling Service. Prior the launch, we are finalizing a new theme to accommodate this feature.

Who Change?

For the first 4 days of polling, 55% of the voters agreed that the new theme is good. Thanks to Sharine Loh for designing this new theme for us.

What’s New?

We had added a new polling system to collect feedback from the community from time to time. For this month, we would like to know the response from the community on our new look. Feel free to give us a vote.

What’s Next?

In the near future, we are launching a new feature which profiling the Part Timer and Freelancer. You may post a simple profile with us. We will showcase your profile on our community board. It allows the employer to contact you directly if they find your profile interesting and meet their requirement.

Any suggestions on our theme please let us know. If you haven’t seen it yet (and are looking in your RSS reader/Email etc) make sure to stop by and visit us.

We are on FaceBook!

do you have facebook? Now, everybody is talking about FaceBook in their social life. As a community job board, we are following the trend to embed ourselves into your social networks too. Thanks to Joanne from for creating this group and manage it on behalf of AsiaPartTime.

Up-to-date, there are 293 294 members joined this group. We would like to invite you to join us and be part of your social life. If you don’t have any FaceBook account, faster create a new account and add us into your life.

We will be posting important announcements on the Wall so be sure to check in regularly. Please invite all your friends and family to join us as we will share out more tips and featured jobs with you.

What to wait? Join us Now.

Thanks to Wendy for creating a nice Ads banner for us to invite you to join our group. The banner is posted on top of our job board and blog.

New Logo For New Milestone

image I guess you all noticed our new logo being posted on our Job Board and this blog. After a year of operation, it is time to re-brand and inject some fresh blood into our community. A New logo is the beginning of the re-branding process.

If you notice, both of our new logo and old logo has a clock symbol on it. It is our special request to our partner- Joel from YouthMalaysia(YM) to maintain our "Clock" symbol. We always believe that a clock is a very important element in your life especially working part time.

imageStarting from this month, YM will be our strategic partner for this community. We will join under their flagship to convert this community to be a Truly Job Board for youth. Hence, we designed the new logo in blue colour (Default Blue by YM).

New Old



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