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Jobs at Pikom PC Fair 2007 (III)

image Third Round of Pikom PC Fair is around the corner again. For all the students who on school holidays, it is a good opportunity for you to work in PC Fair. Up to now, we had 6 jobs posted with us. The pay is starting from RM70 up to RM100. Unfortunately, these jobs only available to KL and Penang people. Hopefully, more jobs for other places will be posted here soon.

Here is the schedule:

Event Organizer of The Week - Week 1

This week, I am very stress out from my full time job as a Software Engineer. I had tons of tickets to resolve. However, I still managed to contribute some times to this community.

Beginning of this week, I promise myself to find at least 1 event organizer for AsiaPartTime. Why event organizer? They are the main source of part time jobs. They need a lot of part timers for their events. Do you guys know, Malaysia is an Event Country. We have events whole year around. Here is a simple formula:

more events = more jobs = Need a place to find Part Timer = AsiaPartTime

This week, I managed to call up Crystal Edge. They are one of the main event organizer for most of the IT events around us. As I know, the coming big event is Microsoft TechEd. I managed to convince their HR to use our community to source for part timer. Thanks for their support and they posted their first job with us smile_regular.

PC Fair Part Time Job Hunting - Part 1


As promise in previous post, we made a call to Pikom, the organizer of PC Fair Malaysia. Thanks to Ms.Grace by giving our community a chance to find part timer for their coming nationwide PC Fair. For the coming KL PC Fair on 3rd-5th August, they need 10-15 part timers to work as the assistant event organizer.

For members from outside Kuala Lumpur, please don’t feel sad. Pikom also need some part timers for their events at Penang, Johor, Sabah, Perak, Kedah, Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu, and Melaka. However, there is a limited position for these location.

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