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Job @ 2008 Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix

 If you love Ferrari, Toyota, McLaren and other F1 teams, here is a golden opportunity to work for them in the coming Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix. It is a three days events, starting from 21 March till 23 March 2008.

We received a surprise job post from StaffAndServices - A Germany company who handles the Merchandise sales for Formula One Events. They are offering 3 jobs opportunities for our community members:

  1. Merchandise Promoter for Ferrari, Toyota, McLaren and other F1 Teams.
    This job is selling merchandise items for all the formula one teams. The products may be Cap, T-Shirt, Jacket, Umberra, Racing Suite, and all the way to key chain.  I guess you will enjoy certain staff discount for this position.
  2. Booth Builder
    This job is building the merchandise booth and dismantle it after the race. Suitable for Men Only.
  3. VIP Hostess and Shuttle Drivers
    This is the Hot job. You may have chance to meet any of the F1 drivers. You need a normal Malaysian driving license.

Hurry up. Check the contact from these Formula One Jobs and call up for an interview.

Remember to update us once you got a job from them. We need your help - (Purchase some discounted merchandise smile_wink)

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