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The Importance of Self-Learning for a Freelancer

In today’s freelance world, it is hardly enough if you only have one skill to offer to the clients. Instead, increasing number of freelancer is coming up with multiple skills thus grabbing more and more jobs. This article will focus on how they can manage to acquire such diverse range of skills and how you could do it too.

The answer the question how they can do it, I have to give "Self-Learning" the number one priority. Self -Learning can be as effective as classroom learning which is later on get a paper backing from the university or some institution. There are people out there who normally disagrees with the fact that self-learning can be a wealthy source of knowledge and it can have a great impact on your professional life as well; to them if anything is not backed by certificates, it is worthless, which is absolutely gibberish.

In the modern world, there are number of experts in almost all different fields who are "self-taught". They have learnt a certain skill in their workplace or they have gone though books and journals before they can master that skill and offer the service to their clients. Thus as you can see, what all it takes a different way to look at the things and willingness to learn and upgrade oneself.

In this era it has become easier than ever before to acquire knowledge on a subject due to the progress in Information Technology. You can have almost any kind of training ranging from Universities to any institutions through their distance learning program; geography is not a barrier anymore for the self-motivated.

Also, you can have innumerable number of books written and published on basically any subject, and you can search the book of your choice using Internet just sitting at the home. Books can be one of the most important source and aura of information to you. Obviously some professions such as "Doctor" require you to have training on site, but by any means, the importance of books is unquestionable.

Thus, it is vitally important that if you are lagging behind, put yourself on the shoe of  "Self-Learning" soon as you can, else you will be too far behind the race to cover it back.

How Do You Stay Motivated?

Freelancing is an attractive business as long as it is done with a proper spirit. Like any other business, you also have to work hard to reach to the success, but the added Freedom-Factor associated with freelancing makes it a lucrative way to go. However, if you find that you have lost your passion for the work, or in other words, can not motivated yourself enough to deal with the challenges, then it certainly is not a good news for you freelance career. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep yourself charged up and not dwindle under pressure. This article will discuss some of the methods that have been widely employed by the freelancers all over the world.

If you are a photographer or copywriter, it would be best if you always keep hunting after new and fresh works and snapshots. One good way to do that would be to subscribe with magazines related to new and innovative ideas.

Another way would be to always remember that accepting ‘Failure’ is tough and hardly acceptable, thus you always have strive to get the best out of what you doing and keep staying as far as possible from the word ‘Failure’. This should perk you up right away. One more way would be to think about the positive sides for which you have initially chosen this field of freelance business. Remembering those will surely bring the motivation back to your work.

Some freelancers engage in multiple types of work, such as graphics designer as well as writer. Therefore, try to have projects for both the sides and thus if one makes you bored at times, concentrate on the other. This mixing will bring freshness each time you start a topic. Few other freelancers will mix their activities between various day-works and projects on hand. This is also a good way to not become bored in one specific task.

Thus as you can there are various ways to encourage oneself to go about completing the projects. If you can successfully ride out this lack of motivation factor, surely you can succeed in this great world of freelance opportunities.

5 Smart Ways to Increase your Freelance Incomes

Increase Freelance incomes The earning potential in freelance business is pretty good and as such many freelancers enjoy a handsome amount on regular basis. And when you consider the fact that you do not have to work for others, and you are your own boss, the earning then seems more worthy. However, what if you want to extend your income beyond the “Pretty Satisfactory” to some higher level? Though it may not be easy, but certainly is possible, and some freelancers already have reached that level of greater satisfaction.

This article will illustrate few of the ways to achieve this success:

Charge Higher

This is certainly one of the ways, but many freelancers avoid this route due to the fear of insecurity and loss of projects. However, if you can do everything regarding the projects with perfection, do not give the clients any room to complain, then you certainly can have an attempt to spike your price up, and there will be a greater chance that clients will eventually accept it.

Expanding the Business

It has always been the case that freelance business owners are earning a lot more than the average individual earning. Though it is true that expanding a business is a laborious and complicated task, but the end result is good enough that will easily offset for the initial hard work. You can expand your business by hiring other freelancers to outsource your projects and do other outside but related activities, or you may want to develop more skills to take up different kinds of projects.

Selling Rare Information

This aspect of freelancing is often overlooked due to various reasons, but the essence is, if you can develop skills in some area that have high demand in the market but very few people are actually having a working knowledge that can be used to gain profit, you will be in some serious business as you can charge even triple your normal rate to distribute that knowledge, because in that case, clients will not mind about spending some extra cash if you can truly guide them into the right path.

Physical Product

Freelancing is not limited into intellectual products. If you can design and develop a physical object that may be really useful, you will find a great demand for it, may be the drudgery are quite problematic in this arena, but the reward is high as well for a truly remarkable physical product.

Passive Income Stream

It is hard to find anything that will consistently generate good earning with no or little work from your part. But if you really can find, then it will make your life a lot easier.

Thus, if you can adopt any of the above options, you will have a way to earn that extra to fly your overall freelance experience to a greater degree of satisfaction.

Why a Freelancer Failed in His Career? - Part 7/7

freelance integrity - Freelancer Failure This is the last part of this series which goes on discussing the Sins that many freelancers commit which often result in a complete loss of their freelance business. This part will deal with the importance of not sacrificing ones integrity.

Many freelancers start out as part timers, for various reasons, such as they may be tired in their regular 9-5 job, working for someone else, making the company owner rich and not getting to have enough time for their own activities, or may be they were told to do something illicit which they felt they shouldn’t do. Or may be the company was imposing impossible condition such as installing Servers at the middle of the night and not compensating this extra hard work later on. Any case many regular 9-5 guy has turned to freelance business because they couldn’t sacrifice their integrity. So why is integrity so important to a freelancer?


You will always feel better when you know that you did not swindle anyone out of anything. You have worked hard, and you hard work helped someone in someone, howsoever small or big it may be. So treating your freelance projects with integrity will feel you with wonderful gratification which will only bring peace and satisfaction to you.

Self-Image to Others

Off course you have to compete with other freelancers, even in some cases the competitions will be intense if the client is a big gun. So, if you employ any bleak method to consistently make other freelancers bereft of good projects, sooner or later the word will spread out to the community of freelancers and your image will suffer a drastic blows. You will be probably chucked out of the community border, which might have been so helpful to you before.

Reputation to Clients

Without doubt, if you work with integrity and care, clients will obviously notice you and word about your sincerity will run faster than you could imagine, in the end bringing to you more and more projects.

Remember one thing, sincere hard work always pays off. It is the law of nature. Sacrificing integrity and ethics may bring some short term profit, but at the long run it will be the sole cause of bulldozing your business.

With this we end our last part of the series. If we can avoid these seven sins, our freelance business can thrive in no time.

Why a Freelancer Failed in His Career? - Part 6/7

freelance diversification This is the sixth part of this series which goes on discussing the Sins that many freelancers commit which often jeopardizes their freelance business. This part will deal with the importance diversification of your work.

There are some accounting and other kind of stuffs are always related to each of the clients that you will ever deal. You have to perform these tasks each time for each and every client, regardless of the project size. So, when there is a lot of customer, you tend to be in an uneasy position with all these tasks that don’t incite you at all. Therefore, when a big client signs up for your project, you tend to work only for him, ignoring other projects or you stop taking other projects. You fully concentrate of the few big clients. However, this can lead to some dreadful scenarios. Here we will discuss the repercussion of what can happen if thing run wild.

The biggest danger of this approach is that, in any case a big client decides to stop you, that is, he decides to go for other freelancers or he is not interested anymore to carry out the project. Then you will be in blue water as you have already declined other clients. Thus you will face trouble having enough work. So, what is the best way out of this situation? The answer is it Diversify your work by following the below mentioned practices:

Continue Sales & Marketing

Do not become over consumed with the work for big clients, also keep note about the marketing of your brand. Later on if you go too much into shell, then you may fall behind in this competitive business. Thus in any case, you have to keep you marketing and sales functionality on proper track and speed.


If the client is really big, and able to pay a lot, then you can hire some contract to do some part of the project, instead of dropping other clients off. But make sure that the quality of the work that the subcontractors do is top-notch.

Be Professional

Even if you have decided to drop off the other clients, do not simply leave out any running projects. This actually will create a huge negative impression. Finish whatever projects you have in hand, and then approach the big gig. Also inform the other clients in a professional manner that at that time you will not be available for any other projects.

With this we end our sixth part of the series. In the last part of the series we will discuss about the danger of sacrificing integrity. Just Sign up with our Auto-Feed Manager to deliver the next part to your Inbox automatically.

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