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Easy Blog Writing Job - RM50/Post

If you like blogging, why not treat it as your part time job which can generate some pocket money for you? Today, I came across this blog writing job posted with us, "Get Paid to Blog" by It is a long term part time job for all the college students.

What do you need to grad this job?

Pretty simply. Just blog on your college life and share it with the community. You are invited to blog anything from food, assignments, gossip about your lecturer, all the way to your fears in your college. HOW come this kind of blog writing job not available during my college time? You better grab it before this chance slip away.

3 reasons to blog on DoctorJob?

How useful is AsiaPartTime in helping you to find part time jobs?

Since we launched 3 months ago, we received few feedbacks from the employer on requesting us to remove their job posting due to huge response from the part timer. Now, we would like to know how many of you guys got job through AsiaPartTime.

If you managed to find any part time jobs through us, you are invited to share your experience with the community. Tell us what job you got hired, how is your payment from the employer or whether is a scam job. All these information is very useful to help us growing this community to a higher level.

Tell us your experience with AsiaPartTime in the following format:

Job: Event Promoter

Job Description: Sell health care products.

Salary: RM80/day

Employer: F&M berhad

Job Recruitment WebSites Review -

image This week, we going to explore a new job recruitment website in the town - They pretty new but their website look great, in terms of usability and quality of the job. Their job is updated and the variety is quite rich.

Anyway, cut it short. We are not going to review their jobs but their website. Here is our findings:


  • Referral Program image - This is a good way to expand their database. We always believe viral marketing is the most efficient way of expanding your network. Anyway, good thing must share with friends. If you think AsiaPartTime is a good source for Part Time Job, then faster invite your friends to have a look at it.
  • Fresh Graduates Corner image - I like this section. It directly show all the entry jobs which is suitable for freshy. However, they can try to apply other jobs too, but the chances of getting hired is lesser.


The Best Job Recruitment Websites in Malaysia

Since we are one of the best source for Part Time Job in Malaysia, we would like to find out the best source for full time job. I guess every Malaysian will vote for JobStreet. Perhaps, there are other small players in the market. We can’t deny that Jobstreet already taken up 70% of the job market but yet the cake is so big, they can’t have it all. 

If you drive around the town, I am sure you will find out 7 / 10 taxis are carrying Job Recruitment Advertisement. 70% of if is taken by JobStreet and the remaining are taken by the small players. The advertisement cost doesn’t come in a cheap price. If not mistaken, they paid RM30 per taxis for every month. For those small job recruitment firms, it is a burden for them. With the huge fund backup from the shareholder, Jobstreet are easily control the market by market through this channel. How the small players going to survive? Perhaps, you guys are the one who help them out by finding your jobs there. I am sure the jobs there won’t pay less than the job in JobStreet.

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