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Review: Malaysia Part Time Job Community -

Recently, I was Google-ing around for our competitors - Part Time Job Board. Surprisingly, I found this online Part Time Job Community - There are pretty new in this industry. Here is my full diagnosis report on this alternative source of part time job in Malaysia.

image - A web portal for Part time workers. The design of the website is really eye-catching and relaxing. The jobs are categorized in different area, in fact covering all over Malaysia.

imageThe number of total jobs itself is not that high but still there are some very good opportunities have been enlisted. At present the website holds highest number of Part time Job entries for the port state of Penang. Perhaps, the founder of this job board are from Penang as stated in the WhoIs Database.

To use the web site, you have to be a member; membership is gained in exchange of a very minimal fee. It is divided into three basic category, Bronze, Silver and Gold membership:

  1. Bronze membership for 3 months: RM 30
  2. Silver membership of 6 months: RM 50
  3. Gold Membership for 1 year:  RM 80

In case you want to post a job, that is you are in need of someone to help you in your business, you can also post jobs by your own. And when you do that, a Post-a-Task Wizard will guide you through to efficiently and attractively get the job done.

All in all, it is new source of part time job for job-seekers. Proper use of this facility can really help people to get a good insight of their respective concern. Job-seekers can very easily get in touch with some highest paid part time opportunities nearby at hand.

Personally, I am against their business modal in charging the Part Timer to exchange for a part time job opportunity. They should charge the employer for posting jobs. In response to my point, here is a small poll:

Are you willing to pay someone to get you a part time job?

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Freelance Job Site Review -

Last week, I received a review invitation from Wei Tat, the co-founder of We always happily to share the new source of freelance jobs with the community. Here is our review:-

image Freelancing has become a great boom to many individuals who has the zeal and capacity to go along with this fast-paced mode of independent occupation. The Internet has also become a real powerhouse to back this freelancing flourish and as such many freelancing web portal has stepped on the scene till now. is a recent addition in this ongoing trend.

It’s a Malaysian based online freelance portal dedicated to all kinds of IT related freelancing jobs opportunities such as Programming, Software, Framework and API, Multimedia, Technical Writing etc. Besides all these you can find other non-IT areas of freelancing such as Accounting, Legal Advice, Quality Assurance, Advertising, Surveying, Data Management, Copywriting, Blogging, Proof Reading, Translation etc.

Though the design and the colour scheme of the web portal is not so attractive at the first look, but content-wise the portal is very deep. Moreover, there is no chance of scamming, as there is no service fee associated to either post jobs or become a member as a freelancer.

However, will not guarantee the quality of service as it claims just to be a platform between the client and the service provider. If the client and the service-provider (the freelancer) are happy, urges them to help spread the name all around. Signing up requires a valid email address and in fact the member gets a free copy of an eBook called “PC protection Guide”.

The FAQ section is generally quite detailed and contains all the major customer queries. It has a mini news section that includes all the latest churn-outs regarding online marketing and freelance issues.

The portal has partnered with different other freelance sites such as Webbies Resources, Career Site Links, Free PHP Scripts to name a few. If any member of Client breaches the terms of uses the account, their account will be deleted. Moreover, all the other partners of will be informed about the particulars of the perpetrator’s account.

Though the Web portal is a recent annexation and yet to take off for the league of big players in the field of freelancing work providers. As a partially competitor for them, AsiaPartTime wish them all the best and have a success in this freelance industry.

Freelance Job Site Review -

Last week, we received a request from Siddhartha as below:

"I want to know about the organisation called which is earlier known as it a fraud or genuine
organisation?" from Siddhartha.

We sent our fraud Investigation Team to review it. Here is the Report: - Freelance Community (Previously known as "Freelance Work Exchange") - Launched in 1998, it’s a freelance job search portal for freelancers. It is running by an effective group of freelancers by themselves. Companies requiring work done in the area of graphic design, programming, data entry, web development, article writing, copywriting or other freelance areas can easily find the right person for their work with great ease and in a very cost-effective way.

To start off, you need to be a member of the site. Membership fee is $2.95 and you end up getting a bunch of other free stuffs as well. To get an instant feel, you can go through the Job Search Page and can find out how many job postings are there on your chosen area of expertise. It has a whole section dedicated to writers about the immediate writing prospects and also postings from other clients.

Besides the regular contents, the web portal has good articles and some job pointers on how to initiate a home business, work at home trends, telecommuting, photography, videos and engineering.

For people who want to post jobs, it is free for them. What needed is few minutes to post a job and wait for the freelancers to pick up the offer. However, the client can always cancel the project if she/he is not satisfied with the freelancers proposed criteria.

Normally the freelancer’s base is extremely huge and extends to all form of freelance works. The client can easily go through the list of freelancers available and check out their particulars such as experience, expertise, minimum rate of payment etc.

It has quite a detailed section dedicated to customer queries and questions. In fact the common customer problems have already been discussed quite nicely in its Help section. You have to gain a ticket to get the full customer support.

Overall this web resource is a fantastic one-stop shop for clients looking to get their work done and a great platform for freelancers all over to find the project of his choice in a great number. Up to this point, this site is as genuine as AsiaPartTime. You should give a try. - Your Freelance Writing Job Opportunities - Your Freelance Writing Job opportunities We had received few requests on sharing more information about the place to hurt for freelance writing jobs. is one of the best place to look for this kind of writing job opportunities. They are opening a door for the anyone who thinks he has the capacity to earn some money by writing reviews, summary and abstract.

The topic of writing can be anything ranging from a book, a journal or a website. The writer will write a short abstract on the subject according to the guideline. Then, submit it and get paid. The money will be transferred to the paypal account by the end of the month. The money will be calculated based on the number of hits for your written abstract. No hit, No money.

Another earning opportunities is go by translation. Anybody making a translation on the existing reviews or abstracts is entitled to receive 5% in a same Hits Calculation formula! Please take note, they only accept human-translation. Any translation from auto-translation software will be auto-detected and flag as plagiarism. Don’t try to fool with them. smile_wink

The design of the site is quite relaxing and easy going. It has a huge number of topic from which the user can choose to write. The FAQ section is pretty enriched and almost any user-query can be found there, but if not, then the user can also post his questions. Anyone who is new should have a glance at the questions answered in FAQ.

Another good thing is that the site is supported in many other language than English, thus giving a wider access to great many people around the world. The new members can have a nice little picture of them in the right side of the panel.

Over all it’s a great site to churn out some real extra cash just by writing, so anyone who thinks he is good enough to rack his brain to produce a little good summary is entitled to be rewarded. Just give a try and feedback to us whether it works for you or not.

Find Legal Jobs In Malaysia

This post is guest blogged by Asif Karim.

image took off on December 2007, with a vision to serve the evolution of the Malaysian legal industry into a more vibrant, lively and technology driven entity. It has already sparked enthusiasm among the legal professionals.

eLawyer has a number of significance relating to the legal industry in Malaysia. Such as: being the sole job boardimage for Law related jobs, that its, it’ll only project jobs concerning to legal activities, though the other web site may display legal job postings too, will ONLY show legal jobs, with a nice presentation and in an informative diction. It also has the added functionality of submitting Resume.

imageSecondly, eLawyer has an unique feature that can not be found in any IT portal around, that is it is able to calculate legal fees expenditure  such as calculating the lawyer fee for selling of purchasing properties, then comes the fact that law offices can use this web portal to purchase goods for their offices and other related services, directly through elawyer.

Besides these, it includes facilities such as assisting general public concerning Law issues, that is, common mass can post about any legal issue they find troublesome or simply just want to know about, an accomplished panel of lawyers will answer them through eLawyer, quality feedback with free of charge.

And also, it still remains the only IT portal on the Internet in Malaysia that advertises about Law books, that is, the users can post which law related book or journal they want and can browse the site to see which have been offered at that time. A lot of renowned law firms post their ads like Karpal Singh, Skrine, Tommy Thomas, Mindvault, Albar & Partners to name a few.

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