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How to Make Minimum USD180/year by spending 10 hours/year - Part 1/2?

In this series article, I would like to share a way to generate USD180 / MYR 630 per year. As per discussed in Using WordPress To Create Mini Sites, I will have a discussion on the concept of “MINI SITES” in this part.

Mini Sites - It is a form of website, developed in a very short time and contains only 5-20 pages (or may be more) of original contents. Most of the times the designing are done by putting up custom design templates and other free plug-ins.

There are different types of Mini Sites, such as:

Product Related

This kind of web portal will be directed at some specific product or a range of products targeting a specific consumer market. For example may be you target the healthcare market and write reviews of different healthcare products, as well as how to obtain those or order online.


This kind of sites solely targets on different kinds of informative issues, such as travelling destinations, political issues or small-scale sports and recreational portals. You can place different affiliated links and if the user clicks on them, a certain percentage will be earned by you.

Tools and Tips sites

This type of site is more on knowledgebase market, such as useful tactics in graphics design or Computer Programming. Or it may be freelance business or even engineering issues as well. The users of this class of sites are mostly technical and engineering professionals.

Promoting you side should be easy as you can use different Google Adwords or some per-pay-click services. This will help you to bring traffic to your site. The best part about these mini sites is that once you spend around 8/10 hours to build a mini site, you do not have to go back regularly and update it in a rapid fashion every time.

Just create it, place its link to some other websites and surely you will end up getting at least some traffic, thereby making some cash. Let’s say you generate USD0.50 per day from each mini-sites, you will simply make over USD180 per year. (** We will discuss the ways to generate the minimum USD 0.50 / day in our part 2 of this series posts.)

When there is multiple mini sites are created, you can have some substantial income collectively. However, in that case you also should go back once in a while to those sites and check the user-status or do some upgrade work. Therefore, mini sites can be a great source of some useful side income with very little one-time effort.

With this we end our first part of the series and in the next part we will see the ways to generate the USD0.50/day via Mini Sites. Just Sign up with our Auto-Feed Manager to deliver the next part to your Inbox automatically.

Making Money By Giving Away Free Magazine Subscriptions. Real?

According to Mike, there are various money-making schemes can be found on the Internet. One of the newest is generating income by giving away free magazine subscription. The idea is to give away free magazine subscription, products and white papers relevant to your blog or website.

imageThis opportunity has been offered by RevResponse, a subsidy of NetLine. To aid you at the beginning, they will give you a co-branded site with a lot of ads and widgets. If you want the official details, this is how RevResponse describes it:

With NetLine’s RevResponse, you’re in the position to give your audience valuable content completely free of charge AND get paid for doing so. As you know all too well, this is practically unheard of. Your users see the value and sign up for the free content, and we pay you a commission on every qualified subscription or download request - including requests from your international audience. Find another network that pays you to give away professional content and resources.

Categories of magazine are various; amounting a total of 600 different offering including podcasts, white papers, trade and business magazines. Popular magazine such as eWeek, BusinessWeek and The Economist are also available. Free offers magazines makes a total of 30 and includes IT, Internet, Small & Medium Business, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Multimedia, Networking etc.

Money is paid on free subscriptions. According to RevResponse: ‘We’ll guarantee you a $1.50 minimum on every qualified subscription/request.’ This can be more. Normal payout is between $2 to $20. There is also money to be made by referring others into the program. The referral range is 20% for the first six months of them joining. Payments are carried out through Check or PayPal. Payments are made in USD and the minimum payout is $50.

The RevResponse team offers both forum and blog where you can get in touch with 100s of other members and actively share information. In the forum there is a section where you can communicate with the admin directly. The RevResponse is a free service and operates internationally.
All in all it is a new kind of business opportunity, which is worth a try.

Earn while Reading FREE Magazine

5 Ways to Make Money from Blogging

Make Money In modern times, blogging has become an effective source of Online Money Making for those who are effective enough to know how to use this tool. There are examples where one people is seen making a highly decent revenue while the other is not earning that much. The difference lies in the strategy that has been employed in the business. Not all kinds of blogs are suitable or fully profitable for everyone.

This article will list out some of best known options to utilize in your blogging in order to turn it as powerful as you can:-

Pay per Post Technique

This is a rather common but important and tested strategy. The basic idea is to develop a lot of blogs preferably with their own domain and in various sides of contemporary issues. And then add content to it in a regular manner (Minimum 3 times/week). Once the site is developed enough, you can submit it to Review Me, Loudlaunch, and PayPerPost . You are also required to type out a decent sponsored reviews to earn some fast cash. Check out our previous post on How To Make USD840/month by Blogging.

Selling Text Links

Selling out text links to various web owners, who are looking to enhance their Google PageRank is one of the surefire way around to make money from your blog. However, you must make sure that your site itself is on the top list of Google with High PageRank. Moreover, the contents of the site must justifies its title. If you interested to buy some Text Links from this blog, Feel Free to Contact us. Currently, we are at Page Rank 3.

Adopting Adsense/Affliate Marketing Policy

This is one of the finest opportunities of making money from Blog these days. However, contrary to the expectation, not much of the bloggers around have managed to effectively utilize this technique. The foremost requirement of this tactic is to design your blog with some high frequency key phrases and make the blog flourish around a specific topic. Check out JohnChow and ProBlogger on how they earn USD20K++ / month but utilize this opportunity.

Corporate Blogging Opportunity

The main objective is to promote the business. Thus direct income from this strategy is not always achievable. However, the benefit is there, in the form of increased marketing and exposure that the blog will churn out for your business.

Being a Professional Blogger

When you are a professional blogger, you are paid to create content. And sometimes are also given a share of the earnings from Blog’s advertisements.

Thus implementing the aforementioned opportunities guarantees you a smooth and an effectual progress of your blog towards increased profit and exposure.

This post is summarized from 5 Ways to Make Money from Blogging. Photo by

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