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Free Workshop to Learn "Make Money From Blogging"

2 weeks ago, I attended the Profit Blogging Workshop which was organised by AsiaOnline Mastery Sdn Bhd at Crystal Crown Hotel, PJ. Thanks for SC.Wong for the invitation to this valuable workshop. Initially, my purpose of attending was to find out MORE on how blogging can be a source of part-time income and subsequently turning it into a full time income.

Melvin Ng & Poh Ee During the workshop, I felt glad to meet up with the 2 Blogging Master cum speakers, Steven Wong and Melvin Ng(The Smart Guy in Black Suit). I found them to be knowledgeable, sincere and approachable. In fact, during my conversation with them, I discovered that their passion for conducting the Profit Blogging Workshop was to show more Malaysians how they can increase their income through blogging, as they had done it themselves.

According to them, blogging is one of the easiest and fastest way to make money online that only requires minimal time and investment. The setup cost is negligible and it is suitable for someone with no web designing, programming or even IT technical knowledge.

Profit Blogging Workshop Agenda During their presentation, they shared their 5 Points Profit Blogging System which they personally use, the 3 secrets of successful blogging, and the 3 major reasons why people fail in blogging. Check out the agenda of the workshop from the photo captured in the workshop.

In my opinion, this Profit Blogging Workshop serves as a foundation for people who want to make money on the Internet. I learned that to be successful in blogging or any Internet business, we need to have a ‘Proven System’ and the correct mentoring, which the Profit Blogging Workshop can provide..

Steven and Melvin will be conducting the Profit Blogging Bootcamp on 5th & 6th July 2008. For further info, check out their website at

5 Essential Web Design Forums You Should Know

Discussion is an important issue in almost every creative endeavor that is to be undertaken by an individual. In the online world, there is no better place than the notion of ‘Forum’.

A forum is a web application for holding discussions and posting user-generated content.

Forum is a dynamic and animated circle of creative ideas, solutions of different dimensions of problems, sharing of knowledge and knitting a web of networking with like-minded individuals all around the world.

This article will point the web-designing freelancers to some of these online forums.


SitePoint - Web Design Forum One of the most thriving communities of graphics designers, especially for web designers. The very appearance of the forum is quite relaxing and attractive. In the opening page of the forum it has a well-kept list of recent and most discussed topics. There have a huge lists of all the available categories related to web design. Each of the discussion category is extensive and contains many useful information.

Web Designer Forum

Web Designer Forum - Web Design Forum Another nice looking and informative forum, though it is not as extensive as the previous one. Basically, it covers all the issues relating to web designing, programming and promotion. As an additional discussion topic, the portal contains forums on SEO Marketing and Website Business. In the hardware and Software section it covers an extensive issues in contemporary development in both the fields.

Webmaster World

WebMaster World - Web Design Forum This is a bit of different forum where the highlighted entity is the Webmasters. Though the issues of graphics designing and development is also addressed in great length. The focus is mainly on the webmasters with the forums on topics like Website analytic, Contents and Copyrighting practices, general issues in the tasks of Webmastering, different web hosting platforms, Network operating systems, scripting, accessibility and usability, database management, etc. This portal is hosting recent development news among big guns such Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Along with the contents on designing, this forum is one of the most valuable insights for both designers and webmasters.

Estetica Design

Estetica Design - Web Design Forum This is one of the topmost visually attractive graphics and web design forum. It is mainly divided into five major categories. The first category contains the general forum sections, with forum topic on rules and regulations, job opportunities, advise and help issues on designing and a section for advertisements. The second category is just a fun and amusement section for the members. The third one is dedicated to almost all the known issues in web development and designing, with forums on CSS, programming, flash, search engines, hosting services, etc. The following section is on print and graphic design, covering all well known aspect of graphic and print issues, along with an in-depth forum of graphics designing software. And the last one is just an amalgamation of forums on other designing fields such as photography and motion graphics; along with business opportunities and tutorials. Overall it is a great one-stop shop for designers from all walks of creativity.


DesignsTalk - Web Design Forum The design of the forum and the arrangements of the topics are extremely simple and flexible. It is divided into three basic sections. The vastness and depth of each of the sections are quite incredibly. A good repository of useful knowledge.

Aforementioned sites are really impressive in every conceivable way as has been pointed out. Every designers should affiliate himself to of these forums in a regular basis. - Working From Home Community Revealed

"We are South East Asia’s only community network that promotes working from home, teleworking and the running of SOHO businesses through the use of information and communications technology."

image is a work from home community. It mainly focuses on running business using informatio, communication technology and telemarketing. This web portal offers varieties of work opportunity that can bring a nice balance in professional and home based income stream.

You have to be a member of this web community in order to enjoy all the full resources. To be an effective user, the membership is free. The overall appearance of the web site is quite relaxing and helpful. Here is the few sections worth reading:-


This section is listing all kinds of related issues about scams from articles to a list of scam sites, extremely in depth. Perhaps, I will share some of my scam tips with them.

Home Based Profile

Here have a lot of useful articles :- tips on home based business management and ways to improve the overall business procedure of a running business.

HomeBiz Innovation

The following sections also gives a detail approach in home based business and also provides a helping hand on how to use the technology to reap the maximum benefits.


This section is dedicated to Singles who have concerns with issues like financial planning, civil and syariah laws, general issues and relationship matters.

Domestic Issue

This section shed light on various social family issues. Alongside different consumer related case studies have been presented and there is a sub section which encourages the kids to involve in more creative activities in their spare times; it outlines various ideas and tips on how to start.

Safety and Health

The next section details out the health issues, by providing tips on balanced diet, nutrition and other general areas. It also includes a who sub-section dedicated to women’s health. After that it has a mini section on environmental discussions and current developments.

The web portal is actually more than a work from home platform as by going through the following section. It is evident that can be used for many other purposes.

The portal, beside all those useful stuffs, hosts a comprehensive list of part-time and full-time work, with clearly outlining the requirements and contact details. The listed jobs are also quite well-off in most cases. Overall the web portal can be of great advantage to anyone looking for a foothold on the field of work from home business fields.

New Source for Freelance Modeling Jobs

  image  A Community for Model Freelancer to post new modeling Jobs & search for modeling Jobs.

Recently, I found a new Malaysian Forum which dedicated for freelance modeling jobs. This is a super good source for modeling jobs. The growing room for this community is very huge because guys and gals always dream to become super model. Just look at the 8TV - "I want to be model" reality show, then you will see many of the young teenagers want to stand on the stage and cat-walking.

To bring more information about this modeling forum, I emailed the owner - Jerry Ong. Here is a short summary from him:

Model Freelancer Community start host @ group six months ago and the first idea is to help people who look for freelance , modeling, promoter, event jobs & etc to post jobs for free. The members grow fast @ Friendster group (14k) members) , as to provide better platform & extensive feature, I decided to create a domain to provide this services start October 2007 for free & coming with more features soon. 

We are on the Magazine

Thanks to Amanda for telling us that AsiaPartTime is published on number 1 circulation Chinese Magazine - Feminine by LifePub publisher.IMG_0382 I am surprise to see that because I never knew about it. Nobody contacted us when reviewing our job sites.

If you know Chinese, here is the copy of the review. IMG_0370 Basically, they wrote about jobs including full-time job, contract job, part time job, and etc. I am glad to know that we listed after the big job sites: and

One of featured review is our ‘reporting scam company’ service. As you know, we are providing a gateway for the community to report the scam companies that they experienced before. This is a very useful information and receive huge response from the community. Up-to-date, we had received 64 reports and constantly increasing everyday. If you have any experience, please share with us.

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