As a Full-Time Freelancer, Are You Ready to Go Back to 9-5 Job?

freelance job It is true that though freelancing is really a lucrative proposition, but it is not really for everyone. In fact, many freelancers happen to start it, then either fail to cope up with it or just find himself just perfectly suited for it. However, there are few in the market who will suggest that freelancing is really a safe option as even when you come to realize that you will not be able to meet the standards, you can always return to a 9-5 regular job. However, from my point of view, it is not always the easiest as the following points will tell you why:

Lack of freedom

With freelance work comes an unbounded amount of freedom. In fact this is one of the major reasons for which people goes for freelance. However, when you revert back to a regular work, it is hard to concentrate back again. You may not feel at home with your work and thus your overall performance can go down drastically.


Well this actually can vary from one employer to another, but the general idea is that the employers may find it difficult to entrust you with responsibility as you really were out of regular work for quite some time. They may think that you will again fall for it when you will have enough work contacts.

Ill Feeling

Some people will not want to be back in salaried work because they themselves wanted to be a freelancer but couldn’t do so for the lack of courage. They will try their best to hamper your effort to come back.

Skill Evaluation

May be you are really disappointed over freelance work faster than you should. Because you may never know, your skill set probably best suited for freelance environment. And you can profit really good from this field. So before throwing the possibilities out, make sure that you have tried enough and you are just not suited for it.

Thus once you have passed some good number of months in this field, it is not always so straightforward to revert back to your old 9-5 regular job. It will be a good idea to consider the above point before making any decision a final step.

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Comment by aznan Subscribed to comments via email
2008-10-17 14:30:08

i tengah buat kajian pasal ,ada sesiapa pernah buat survey pasal company ni,e-mail saya secepat mungkin…..ada orang kata scam.. tetapi setiap kali saya ajukan soalan…mereka jawab dgn jelas..tak macam lain yg tak jawab lansung….

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