How to Price Yourself As A Freelancer?

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freelance pricing Pricing is a big factor in your venture into the world of freelance duties. Have you ever thought how you should handle this matter?

However, there are also other factors such as location, timing, your level of desperation, etc. This article will try to discuss the core footsteps that you should think about when you deciding your pricing scheme.

Freelance work is not something that you buy from market or something like a fixed product. The clients may ask you as they walk into your shop and you showcase all your products from the shelve. In reality, the product is a part of you. You are not buying this product from somewhere else and resell it like what you did for common goods.The freelance work you do comes right from your brain, straight out of your heart. Every piece of projects you do, it is completely yours. As you have used your own mind and experience to realize it in reality.

Most of the freelancer may think that pricing based on hour basis calculation is the easiest and straightforward. However, think about the fact that, as days pass by, you will get more and more expert in your chosen field, as skill is only enhanced with time and regularity of implementation.

As your skill is enhancing, you will require putting less time than before to complete the project. For example, think about a freelance programming project in your favourite language, at the start may be you need a day or two to finish up the whole thing. Now you’ve become so experienced and expert that it may only take about an hour or two to build up the project; so now you see, if you calculate by time, you will be paid less than before, thereby reducing your overall income.

The best deal is to claim your price base on the work you are doing. Depending on the complexity of the project and an estimation of how much effort you need to put. If you really charge on hourly basis, you are not only downgrading yourself, but also failing to absorb the benefit that the enhancement of skills brings to a freelancer.

What is the favourite charging method for your freelance job?

  • Project Basis (75%, 18 Votes)
  • Hourly Basis (17%, 4 Votes)
  • Fixed Rate (8%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 24

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Comment by Wong Yat Wai Subscribed to comments via email
2008-04-08 16:49:19

I was fleeced by two such agencies. I reported both to the Consumers’ Tribunal. They returned the deposits to me.

After writing about such scams, I wish someone who is an expert with direct selling or multi-level marketing company would do a write up on such companies.

Based on my experience, and thousands of others, most of us join an MLM in the hope to make that extra bucks that’ll help to pay that bill etc. However, I note MLM companies are sprouting way too many in Malaysia. I share my unpleasant experience with one such company which I joined slightly under one year.

I was told to meet up and have a word with the MD of this company located in USJ Subang, Selangor. That I did, it was only him and me on that floor. The rest of staff one floor below. No witnesses, but I recall very clearly in that conversation I asked him with regards to a market in Africa. To which he replied no, they can’t do that because it’s too big. About one month later, last week I got the information from a very reliable colleague of his that they have assigned someone to take the African market.

Isn’t that sneaky? You see, this company has no intentions of going very far as an MLM. The cost of wannabes to go at length to get members for downlines in hopes of making that extra buck is really pitiful.

As such, I think the ministry concern should only allowed a company to register as an MLM if they have a least five other countries which they plan to open up the markets under the MLM scheme. Otherwise, the biggest losers are the innocent members. Mind you, the ones in charge will not hesitate to make use of whatever contacts you give them.

It makes no sense for any company to be allowed easy registration if they plan to practise only in Malaysia or at most just branch out to Indonesia or Thailand.

If a company registers as an MLM in Malaysia but decides to keep the bucks to themselves by having single markets elsewhere, then they should never be allowed to register as an MLM in the first place. There are certain companies that might not even see fit to communicate with their members. So if you don’t know, and suddenly provide them with some needed info like your contacts, you stand to lose while they gain.

I’m now very skeptical of this company registered as an MLM in Malaysia, it’s called Ohhira Nutrition Sdn Bhd. Can someone here shed some light as to this company? It doesn’t send me any information on their latest activities. So if you don’t know, as I learnt it the hard way, don’t give away any of your ideas or international contacts.

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Comment by Steven
2010-08-25 01:27:11

Ohhira Nutrition (M) Sdn Bhd just can’t seem to be anybody’s best friend. Its relationships with the staff, suppliers and distributors are all dysfunctional. This is nothing new. Ohhira Nutrition has a history of not being able to cooperate with the very groups upon which its success depends.
Very bad company. please don’t join them as a distributors or staff. u wil regret after u join.
hope this message can help u.

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Comment by Liza Gonzalês
2011-01-21 16:59:21

I have worked with couple of companies but recently I came across this company and was pleasantly surprised with the kind of response they gave at times of sales and while developing my project. I would recommend more people to use their services.

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