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This post was guest blogged by Hafshah, a freelance writer.

Working as a freelance writer is normal in USA, UK and Australia. However, freelance writing in Malaysia is still in its infant stage. However, it is slowly picking up here judging by the numerous freelance websites available on the net nowadays.

Being a freelance writer myself, the main source of getting freelance writing jobs is through the net. There are a few Websites available if you want to search for freelance writing jobs:

Malaysian Websites:

International Websites:

The newspaper is also another source of searching for freelance writing jobs. However, you need to buy several types of newspapers if you prefer this source of getting freelance writing jobs. Magazines is another source of getting writing jobs but the jobs advertised in magazines are not that many compared to those in the newspapers. Beware of scam writing jobs. Check out the company name from our list of scam companies in Malaysia.

Another way of getting freelance writing jobs is to call up the firms or if you don’t have the time, to send your resume to the companies which you think would want freelancers. Last but not least, is through word of mouth - Viral Marketing. If your networking is good, you can get freelance writing jobs through your friends.

Do you have any better sources for Freelance Writing Jobs to recommend?

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Comment by ML
2008-05-05 16:15:21

Very useful information, thank you very much.
Hope there will be more Malaysia Freelance info or website.

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Comment by Iqqin
2008-12-29 21:02:08

Hai..just asking, but is a scam or is it real? Let me know. Please and thank u.

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Comment by Sarah
2009-03-23 14:10:17 is not a scam but it is only available for US residents.

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Comment by aoik Subscribed to comments via email
2009-12-09 16:32:13

I am looking for writers for my monthly event industry based magazine. The inaugural issue will be in March.
its focus is more on the back end of an event (planning, suppliers, F&B, security, logistic, etc) and a bit on event coverage. The writers should also be able to conduct high profile interviews and have analytical perspective on the subject matter. Resourceful is another keyword here. Please email me you profile at I need to know your fee for 1000 words. Thanks!

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Comment by Naveen Thomas Subscribed to comments via email
2010-03-08 15:48:29

Hey guys,

I’m looking for freelance writers for a mobile tech inclined website. Your job (should you want it) will involve writing about current mobile technologies/ the people who use/benefit/love mobile technologies, current trends/ issues and success stories pertaining to mobile technology.

the pay isn’t much and its basically a play on honorary/contributor but it’s okay if you want to exercise penmanship and stuff.

Small on budget. Big on viewers.

Email me at


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Comment by Ling
2010-07-12 03:02:07

I am looking for anyone who would like to hire people to write on the different cultures and festivals happening in Penang. Please do let me know if there is anyone hiring.
Thank you.

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Comment by Lynne Subscribed to comments via email
2011-11-14 16:20:16

hi,i would like to know,is a scam or real? Please answer & thank u.

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Comment by sharifah
2011-12-08 12:39:52

Dear Lynne,

please dont be a victim of that kind of website offer jobsonline…because yes that is a scam.

I’m one of the spam victim..i’ve paid through bank deposit,there’s nothing..i’ve lost my money just like that!Pls becareful there’s many website jobsonline like that.

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Comment by Ming Chee Subscribed to comments via email
2012-09-28 18:41:08

I’m a certified CFP. I’m looking for freelance writing job from banks and insurance companies to write their advertisements for their products. I have over 15 years experience.

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Comment by Leslie A. Phillip Subscribed to comments via email
2013-07-15 11:18:12

I write on tourism,culture and cuisine for regional destinations.I currently write on regular basis for two magazines that promote these topics.But I’m still game to write for more.I’m good on these topics as I travel and at the same time am into the culture and cuisine of places that I have the good fortune of visiting.So if there’s any organisation out there who want a truly good account of such topics,do contact me.

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Comment by Phrem
2013-07-29 15:21:55

Hi Guyz,

I need dynamic individual who can do research and write for our future websites. Basicaly, we will guide on what we want. There are around twenty websites to be completed on various topic and fields…please contact me by mailing to start our communication process.
Mail add :
Thank you

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Comment by GRA Communications Subscribed to comments via email
2013-12-23 21:08:32


We are looking for excellent editorial talent, fast and accurate, and willing to work from concept to finish on assignments.

Our subject matter is Halal for a world conference scheduled from 9-10 April 2014 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The conference is expected to draw an attendance of 600-800 local and international delegates comprising industry experts, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, academicians, scientists, scholars, exhibitors, government, media, etc.

In the lead up to this conference, there are planned news releases, editorials, advertorials, speeches and messages, a conference programme booklet as well as news releases that need to be crafted during the two-day conference. The work will be spread over January-April 2014.

Please let me know if this interests you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

With warmest regards

Ghazalie Abdullah - IABC, PRCAM, FPRCA, IPRM, APR, 9M2GH
Chief Executive
GRA Communications Sdn Bhd

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2014-06-23 19:37:45


We are Malaysia’s leading freelance content writer portal and we offer writing projects and writing solutions for local companies.

For business, we offer all kinds of content writing services from blog, website content, company profile, article and product review writings.
For freelance writers, you may submit your profile to us and we may contact you for any future assignments if required.

Visit our site to get more details.

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Comment by hafetz Subscribed to comments via email
2014-07-13 14:39:58

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Comment by Victor Subscribed to comments via email
2014-08-15 10:56:30

Start a part time side income : visit

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Comment by kathryd25
2014-10-27 08:33:40

Urgent Job Online(Work at Home and Freelance)

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Comment by chan Subscribed to comments via email
2015-01-26 21:17:25

we are looking for website and financial portal then ecommerce content writers asap and more info do send us cost and resume


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