Why a Freelancer Failed in His Career? - Part 4/7

Sales and Marketing for Freelancer This is the fourth part of this series which goes on discussing the Sins that many freelancers commit resulting in a total disadvantage of their business. This part will deal with the importance of Sales and marketing, and we will see that both Sales and marketing are as equally important as the main objective of any freelance business.

The difference between a successful freelancer and failed one, taking into consideration that they both are equally talented in what they do, is only the understanding and application of sales and marketing. One may be well versed about the importance of it and the other may be in complete oblivion.

Therefore, to get rid of this situation, there is no alternative of studying Sales and Marketing. You have to read about some expert Sales and marketer gurus, also always have to explore new online articles that are coming out each week about Sales and Marketing strategies. You have to understand that Sales and Marketing actually are two different things:

Marketing relates to you announcement of your presence in the field with your product brand and its advantages.
Sales relates to the process of direct customer handling till you sell off your product.

Many Freelancers truly “Hate” the idea of Sales and marketing, but as you can see it can be seriously fatal for their business, and as a freelancer you have to develop this art of Sales and marketing. You have to truly believe that it is not any difficult task that uses various deceptions to sell off even a faulty product. You should remain honest with your service and truly believe that your product is worth selling. May be at the start you will not be perfect, but with time surely you will have the feel.

Remember howsoever good your product may be, without an effective marketing strategy, no one will ever know about it, and without proper sales techniques, you will not be able to convince the customer to buy you product.

With this we end our fourth part of the series. In the next part we will discuss about the importance of proper branding of your product. Just Sign up with our Auto-Feed Manager to deliver the next part to your Inbox automatically.

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