Why "Logan Strain" don’t want to be a Freelancer?

I recently read on the 4 Reasons Why Freelancing Sometimes is not Desirable. All the while, I am promoting the advantage of full-time freelance life. However, Logan Strain enlighten me on the disadvantage of becoming a full time freelancer. Let’s share her thought with you folks.

image Though freelancing has become a revolution in the way people earn their living, some things haven’t changed for years. Many freelancers find it difficult to cope with, which ultimately leads to an abandonment of this avenue. This article will shed light on such 4 reasons, which compels many freelancers to think twice about the prospect of their work.


For those freelancers who are married, it is important to earn enough money to provide sufficient daycare service for the children in the early stages of their lives. Freelancers often do not earn as expected, and they tend to leave out the optional luxuries of life and family. But it is important to remember, ‘daycare’ service is pretty much on the top of importance list for a child. And you must have that extra bit of income to ensure that service for you children.

Free Time

Sometimes freelancers have to work real hard and at a stretch for long hours. If this is done in a regular basis, life can become quite strenuous; which ultimately takes its toll on the health issues. However, with effective time management techniques on a regular basis, this problem can mostly be tackled with good effect.


This is another aspect that is vastly important for those freelancers who is having a family. Due to the fluctuation in earning rate and sometimes insufficient revenue, many freelancers might have faced problems affording the insurance. Thus, many freelancer choose to completely ditch this burden of maintaining insurance for his family members, which, in the long run, may not turn out profitable.


The hardest drawback of freelancing is the fact that there may not be any stable pay-cheque at the end of month. If you don’t know in advance how much you are going to earn, it may become pretty problematic to draw up the budget scale. This is one issue that hurt majority of freelancers at some point of their career.

Thus, it’s a mix baggage. If you are truly courageous enough to withstand all this problems with bold virtues, and are ready to deploy counter plans and measures to ameliorate these unwanted situations, you will surely reap the benefit of freelancing.

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Comment by Writing from Home Subscribed to comments via email
2008-06-23 12:35:10

Hi dear all,

I think this post serve a very good purpose for those who are tired of your current job. If we want to leave our job, we need to think propserly. Do we have enough reserve to fund our 6 to 12 months expenses? How would be the income if we go full time as a freelancer. Can we handle those fix expenses light mortgage payments?

My personal view is, make sure we pay off all the mortage, credit card and car loan before we become a full time freelancer, the fix overhead is killing and bringing you pressure if not handled it well.

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