How to Get More Job From Your Existing Freelance Clients?

more freelance jobs Marketing is one of the key aspects in freelance business. You really have to spend some good amount of time on thinking and planning about how to market your work and skill set. However, many freelancers actually spend their valuable amount of time on marketing in a view to get new clients, and completely overlooking the existing client base.

This article will shed lights on 3 Steps that will lead you to get more work from your existing client base instead of looking for new clients all the time:

Ask for 10/15 minutes of Consultation

The general trend is, most of the time freelancers get clients though referrals. It is the clients who contact the freelancers with a specific job in mind and hands that off to the freelancer. Once the freelancers finish the project, it is handed over to the client and in most cases we will never hear anything from that client until he is faced with a similar kind of projects to be done.

To prevent this from happening, instead just letting the client go, try to discuss about his business and functional mechanism of his business. Just ask politely for 10/15 minutes. Most of them will be more than happy to have a discussion. The main objective is to find out where, and what kind of bottleneck that the client is having and trying to solve them. This can lead to a long term satisfactory relation being develop and you may end up having a continuous steam of work.

Prepare a Questionnaire for The Client

It is the best advice to have an open-ended question for the client during the 10/15 minutes discussion. Questions such as “Is there any service that they used to offer but not offering now because of staff shortage”, can really open up opportunities for you.

Submitting a Proposal

Once you have finished the discussions and though about it, you will be able to figure out which way you can help them, if any. Then it is time to prepare a proposal where you specifically ask for the work. You put forward your idea and method in a simple plain word so that it sounds both lucrative and beneficial to the client; and it really soars up you chances of finally getting the work.

Thus, if we can concentrate a bit on our existing client base, then with a little plan and patience, great benefit can be derived. Take these advice seriously and gain your client base.

This post is summarized from How to Get More Work from Existing Clients?. Photo by NWSD.

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Comment by ishak Subscribed to comments via email
2008-07-30 17:11:02

i’m looking part time or full time survey in alor star and perlis area,i have 6 years experience as interviewer.

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Comment by Lopo Loo
2009-08-17 21:57:27

Thanks a lot. I especially like the idea where you prepare questions to make a new business opportunity.

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