How-To Set Your Ghost-Blogging Rates?

setting blogging rate Blogging is a good way to earn some side-cash in your spare times. And it is also a suitable way to leave a mark in the world of freelance writing. Obviously, earning is a major point to note in this work. You will surely want as much as you can get from your writing. However, it is not always the ideal case. In many cases the blog owner will have a set price to pay you for each post you write. The price will not be stated in the advertisement, and it will be decided upon negotiation. So, when you place your pre-determined rate, you should be aware of the following principles:

What Is The Market Rate?

The idea is to check from other advertisement about the type of blog you are going to do. Surely few of them will have it price stated and you can get a fairly good conception about the general pricing. Normally, picture and jokes type blog are really short and thus least paid, while blogs on specialist field such as law, information technology or medical usually pays the highest and in length these are longer than the other types of blogs. Check out the rate for blogging jobs at our job board.

Prerequisite of Blogging for Money

One of the most important prerequisite of blogging for money is to have a webpage of your own. This page should inform the reader of who you are, what experience you have and it should list some examples of your work too. It is advisable you also put how much you going to charge per hour of work or per post depending on the situation. You should have an email address or contact information clearly stated in your web page.

Know Yourself

If you have extensive experience of writing previously, it is understandable that you will charge higher. However, if you are new to the block than you may be paid lower than your expectation. Even though your writing may be quite good enough, you may still be paid at a lower scale for sometime. You have to accept these realities and have to adjust with it if you want to reap the benefits at a later stage. But be careful that it doesn’t go too low down. You will never improve your skill if you consistently undersell yourself without thinking.

Thus by following the above tips and trends, you will probably have a good hold on the pricing factor when you go for negotiation with the client. There are 2 more tips covered by Kevin @ How to set your blogging rates. Feel free to check it out.

As always, if you have any questions regarding setting the rate, please let me know by leaving your question below.

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