What "Robert Janelle" learned after 2 years of Freelancing

freelancer -  Robert Janelle Robert Janelle, a successful freelancer, has his own experience about how to go about cementing one’s position in this field of freelance working. This article will discuss about some tips that he thinks are invaluable when dealing with the growth of freelance career for past 2 years.

Working Over Weekends

Though it might seems awkward to work in weekends, this is what many start-up entrepreneurs do to keep their business alive. They take up other jobs for the time being and majority if them ends up some weekend jobs. Thus any freelancers thinking he has to work on weekends to pull his freelance career, and it may feel boring and listless. They should think that that’s the way to go if required.

Do Not Overlook the Job Opportunities

The motto is, do not throw away any job opportunity listings, be it on the web or on the old college board. You never know, your dream freelancing assignment can show up anywhere and you may well profit from that. In fact you may end up having a permanent source of assignments if your performance is good enough. Thus always keep looking and be through.

Do Not Hesitate

If you feel like something you can contribute to the growth of some freelance web portal or freelance corners, then do not hesitate and just contact with them with your ideas and propositions. You have nothing to loose. If your idea really hits the jackpot, you will surely be valued and will be given a greater opportunity in the future to work with them. Thus you must try otherwise nothing will happen.

An Important Thing to End Off

If you do not find a 9-5 regular job even after spoiling your entire shoe-sole, do not be disgusted. Market yourself directly to the client, you will be benefited. In fact at least it is better to rely on never ending strings of interviews that leads to nowhere.

Thus being courageous and passionate enough will lead you to a successful avenue.

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Comment by Eric
2008-08-05 23:41:13

2 years to learn this little? Gotta be kidding me man! A serious freelancer would know this in like, 1 month?

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