Job site Review - AllyHunt.Com - Part 2

In Part 1, we had reviewed AllyHunt from the Job Seeker point of view. This month, I am invited to review their unique employer features.

During the lunch session with Sinsee and Kien Tan, they told me about the pain of a HR personnel when come to hiring new blood for their company. One of the main problem is high volume of irrelevant or unqualified candidates applying their jobs. If you manage to help them to filter those junk candidates, the HR personnel will give you a big hug.

To solve this problem, Allyhunt have a powerful candidate filtering engine which called "Match It, Ally". You allow to set up to 5 prescreen rules which combined with the standard job details such as location, industry, salary range, qualification level and etc. Now, whoever apply the job, their profile will be matched against the preset rules. If you pass it, the system will forward your resume to the employer else your application will send to image .

Other than the matching tools, there is a standard job posting wizard which consists of 5 steps:

  1. Fill in Job Description and Job Summary
  2. Select Location - Support Multiple locations
  3. Select your company profile - If you have multiple companies profile with them, you may select any one of them.
  4. Set the Prescreen rules
  5. Finally, Preview your jobs and post it.

I am waiting for them to grant me the Resume Access License which cost RM315. This license will give you 1 month unlimited access to their resume imagelibrary. You allow to search all the public resumes. If you interested on particular job seeker, you may request him to send his complete resume. By default, job seeker allow to hide their identity on their public resume to avoid unnecessary personal information leaking.

Now, the HR market is flood with all kind of job sites. You definitely need some outstanding tool to win over the competitors. I guess, AllyHunt did that with their unique matching tool. The accuracy of this tool is not proven by me yet because I don’t have a real job for testing. Don’t know they allow me to post my job about finding a guest blogger for this blog smile_angel.

By the way, I would like to thanks Sinsee for giving me a nice T-shirt and a stack of bookmarks.

 allyhunt_t_shirt_01 allyhunt_t_shirt_02  allyhunt_t_shirt_03 allyhunt_t_shirt_04

allyhunt_bookmark_02 allyhunt_bookmark_01

If you guys looking for jobs, give a try on AllyHunt. Don’t forget, you allow to post your freelance profile as well. Treat it as your freelance profile and link back when you applying any freelance jobs on other freelance sites. At the same time, give some support to our Sister’s website - Check out some freelance jobs from there.

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Comment by Sinsee Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-18 12:29:10

Hey Lam,

Many thanks to you for your reviews. You are one of those rare ones that take your reviewing job seriously. We are really grateful for your effort.

For all readers out there, Allyhunt welcome your support and feedback. You can send your comments to


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Comment by Boon Keong Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-21 12:45:59


What happened to ALLYHUNT.COM ?

I was trying to access the website after your reviewed, but it says the domain name has expired.

No offend, but isn’t bad to lead someone from your site to a junk site?

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Comment by PohEe
2007-12-21 14:28:27

Hey Boon Keong,
Thanks for your feedback. We just knew about the expired domain. I will contact

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Comment by Sinsee Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-21 18:16:25

Hi Boon Keong,
Thanks for your feedback. does look as tho’ “Allyhunt” felt like taking a Christmas break too today…:) Sorry this is happening, definitely not what we intend our users to experience - we are in the midst of getting it up asap. Do check us out later.
p/s thanks Lam for your notification.
Cheers, merry Christmas and happy holiday!

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