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There is a new job site in the town - image I got to know this site from this thread posted in Low Yat Forum. I guess we are the first blog that review them since they launch recently.

Basically, the job site have three attractive points:

Here is some facts provided by the owner:

Why did we create
Before existed there is no website where companies can find Malaysian IT and Creative Multimedia enthusiasts, students and jobseekers.

We realised this problem when we were looking for a PHP/MySQL programmer and we did not want to use the famous well known online job services because we knew that it would still be very hard to look for a job candidate from the service.

Our idealogy is simplicity. When an employer is seeking to hire someone, they should do with the least amount of complexity, which is why we came up with such a concept.

How does it work?
It works for both ICT and Creative Multimedia companies as well as jobseekers in the industry.
How does it work for the creative multimedia dude or tech professional or anyone?
Anyone and everyone can have their very our online resume, or what we call your "TechBeat Resume". Its simple to use and straight to the point and it’s free.

However, this website still have some obvious bugs. It is bad to launch a website before you solve these bugs:-

I have 1 more concern is on the posted jobs. Do you think such a new job site will have such a number of jobs? In my opinion, no employer will trust a small job site unless their connection is damn powerful.

On top of that, which employer willing to pay RM150 for a posting at this new job site? My final advice to you is forget about the RM150, provide free service better. If I am an employer, I prefer to pay RM150 extra to post with our big brother - Jobstreet Instead of this small job site.

Anyway, it is just a beta launch. Hopefully, more feature will come on the road.

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Comment by Nabil Feisal Subscribed to comments via email
2007-08-17 16:38:07

Thank you very much for your thorough and well sounded review.

And thank you very much for being critical on the site. This is very important to us. Hopefully all the small features will be available by next week.

And thanks for understanding that we’re still in our beta phase :-)

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Comment by AsiaPartTime
2007-08-17 20:12:52

You are welcome. We liek to share good things with our community. We hope we can work together to grow the community. Please keep us update on your job site.

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Comment by davidlowjw Subscribed to comments via email
2007-08-17 19:43:14

now, they offering free job advertisement posting…
wise move…

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Comment by AsiaPartTime
2007-08-17 20:14:48

FREE is always the attraction for Malaysian:P. But there are tons of job sites provides free posting. It is a too competitive segment. Now, is up to them how they stand up from other job sites.

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Comment by Nabil Feisal Subscribed to comments via email
2007-08-18 22:56:32

Well youre right free is a big attraction in Malaysia. But we’re not going to talk big about our free job postings because in the long run or not to distant future, we wont be offering free job postings - so there’s no point to brag much about the service being free.

What I intend to brag about is the focus and concentration of talent that visits the site, which is high in value in the eyes of companies seeking to recruit talented people.

Our stickiness is not because we’re free. It’s because we offer something different. I don’t want to get too into this, but sooner or later, you’d see a few posts on such topics on TechBeat’s blog.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Comment by danny Subscribed to comments via email
2007-08-20 13:29:25

Your profile link seems to be dead. It’s pointing to . should be

Just thought you should know ;)

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Comment by Rory
2010-07-17 00:59:19

It’s a very helpful site especially for job seekers. Indeed, there’s a lot of sites nowadays that offers free posting.

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Comment by Marc Dick Subscribed to comments via email
2013-05-29 05:24:53

Halliburton House
Howe Moss Crescent
Kirkhill Industrial Estate
Dyce, Aberdeen AB21 0GN
Scotland, UK


The Human Resource Department of Halliburton Oil And Gas London wishes to inform the general public about the job vacancies currently existing with the Halliburton Oil And Gas here in United Kingdom.Furthermore,We require the services of devoted and hardworking workers, who are ready to relocate to London and to work at Halliburton Oil And Gas after undergoing enlistment training in current job opportunities at our Company, as the management intends to increase its man power base due to an increase in the number of workers.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should kindly send his/her CV/Resume

Best regards
Human Resources Department
Halliburton Oil And Gas London

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