Hidden Costs Of Freelancing Revealed

hidden cost of freelancing In many occasions, the freelancers, especially the newbie freelancers are under the cloud of a false impression that basically all of their earnings will make to their bank accounts. However, this is not true at all. We are showing some of the avenues that will end up having a share in your income.

Freelance Job Sites

To be a successful bidder, you have to register with some freelance websites (e.g. GoFreelance.com, IamFreelancer.com, etc)  that let you ask for projects. In many of them you can register yourself as a free member. But the problem is, if you are a free member, your profiles will be buried down under thousands of other people.

The only way to consistently be on top range of the list is to be a paid member. Thus, the clients can have an easy access to your profile. In this case, not only you have to pay a membership every year, but for every successful bid, the broker may charge you a percentage of the deal. The incurring more cost from your part.

Workable Hours and Billable Hours

The natural trend is to charge the client only for the hours that is put into operation in carrying out the project work only but not the long negotiating hours communicating with the clients or keeping him abreast about the latest development. This extra tasks when provided to multiple clients, can add up to some significant extra job. The logical way out should be to charge the client for these communication and negotiation sittings. Many individual in other profession do that already as trend.

Accessories Charges

To do a successful business, you have to spend some extra bucks on various other helpful entities, though this shouldn’t be considered as “Hidden Cost”, but many freelancers often forget this. Thee extras probably will be Software, Educational eBooks, faster international connection, backup medias etc.


You have to outsource some part of your job at some point or another, which again entails an extra cost. Outsourcing actually can benefit you more but in any case, you can not evade the charges.

As you can see from the above, not all of your income will go under your credit, as there are many other side-expenses.

Why a Contract Is Necessary for Freelancing?

Freelancing contract for freelance job As a freelancer, you need a contract in place to protect yourself and to let your clients know exactly what they are getting from you. Contract is a way to keep yourself out of trouble and to project that you are no less professional. This article will discuss some issues as to why a contract is so important to have a successful and risk-free experience.

Obviously the importance of contract can be understood in the times of unwanted crisis. For example, if you ever run into a client that refuses to pay, then you can proceed with your legal action based on the contract signed. If someone has breached a contract, consult an attorney (You may contact my friend-Eddie Law who could recommend some good lawyer for you).

As a freelancer, just be sure you have left no stone unturned to get the money you earned, because it is yours. Otherwise, the client could spread the word and other parties may develop hidden agenda when they deal with you in future.

When you prepare the contract paper, one thing you should do with extreme care; that is you must put a line in the contract that you will get paid even if the project fails to make to the print. A client could say the project was killed or changed so that your copy wasn’t usable. And this may result in you not getting paid for the work you have completed.

Another important lesson to learn is that when dealing with a client who is extremely close, or so close that you consider him a family rather than just a business client, even in that case you should prepare the contract and have it signed before starting your work. The hardest truth is when comes to business, there is no family or friends, every client is equal and must go through the same common phases before initiating the work with you.

Do not be hesitant to place the contract to the client. Though you will rarely find that people are unwilling to pay, but it is a way to protect yourself. From the client’s point of view, it also protects their interests.

Thus as you may have realized, having a contract in place saves you a lot of drudgery that may arise out of some unprofessional behaviour of some unscrupulous clients. Don’t be late like Karla who trap into the trouble in here freelancing works.

Now, we are looking for some good template on Freelance Contract to share with the community. If you have any good template, feel free to share with us. Thanks.

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What To Do If You Must Go Back as Salaried Staff?

convert freelancer life to salaried staff lifeEffective Freelancing is a tremendous way of earning an even better wage than a regular salaried job with all the comfort of home intact. However, despite its attractive remunerations, some of the freelancers may fail to progress and thus decide to retreat to a 9-5 job. This is alright and natural, as freelancing probably is not for everyone and every person is different, thus freelancing not supposed to suite everyone.

Continue from our previous post - As a Full-Time Freelancer, Are You Ready to Go Back to 9-5 Job?, this article will reveal few of the avenues which can streamline the transition back to a "Proper Job" life.


Do not in any circumstances think that you have been a “Failure” in the world of Freelance work. Instead, you should know that your retreat is not considered as a “Fiasco”, it was a step that was undertaken by you which just simply did not work. You should be proud that you did not hesitated at the first place and you tried which you thought might work for you. If you can figure out why it was a stillborn attempt for you then later on you can always come back by rectifying that mistake. Thus have a strong mindset in the interview confidently utter that you thought of it is a possibility and nothing more.

Plan Your Way Thorough

Some folks in the interview might try to pressure you about the reasons you left freelancing. In that case, do not be afraid to apply some prevarication as that’s what is needed at that specific moment. Say that freelancing was barring you from having an effective social life or you needed some space to accomplish some of your own personal project. This will inevitably bring a stoppage to their incessant inquiries about something that doesn’t really matter much.

Do Not Be Too Open

In case if are hired, do not reveal that you were freelancing with some definite purpose, because there were some people who would always think that freelancing is a real optimum way but they would be too afraid to start themselves. These people might be filled with jealousy and might end up harming you in some way. So better not be too much of an open people.

New Type of High-Paid Copy-Writing Job

high-paid copywriting SEO job Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) copy-writing can be highly lucrative if you know how to do it properly as it can bring a lot of client to the contents you write for your client’s. Thus, it is not surprising that many pro-SEO freelancers are churning out heavy bucks from the market as their valuable skills of effectively dealing with the rigmarole behind search engine techniques makes their article valuable.

However, everyone has to have a start and it is not always so smooth to make that transition from the bottom level to the next desired level of high-paid SEO writer; and that is why this article will bring forth few of the proven steps that you should undertake when the correct time comes.

Managing Clients

When you first raise the issue of hiking up rate\post, it is probable that many of the clients will resent. But if you can make them understand that you also have a life aside from working 14/15 hours a day, and that you needed some rest to actually perform more effectively, clients will take note of this and there is a good chance that they will finally agree on your points. Because one good thing about SEO Copywriting Clients is that most of them are either Business owners or Account Executives at some marketing establishments who understands the need to respect quality and the same time the necessity to have profit for the writer; as a happy and satisfied writer can produce better quality of work.

Setting Up a Minimum Level

This is one of the vital points which you should raise when you have effectively become quite experienced and mature in this field of SEO copywriting, that is, to set a minimum level which you wouldn’t break at any circumstances. Thus, the complex the project, the higher the charge, while the less complicated it is, the rate will be low, but WILL NOT go down below the minimum set level. This clients will understand that you are dealing with some serious issues and have a certain expectations. Thus through your professionalism, a reliability can be brought about from the client’s part onto you. They won’t mind paying more in exchange of guaranteed quality work from you.

A 14-Year Old Boy Make Money Online, Why Don’t You?

image Carl Ocab, more popularly known as the Kid-Blogger from Philippine, has created major revolution in the Internet world by mastering the art of making money online just at the age of 14. Carl got his first computer at the age of 4 and was introduced to Internet at the age of 10 only. At his initial stage of exploring away the online world, he mostly spent his time playing online games and communicating with friends. He had no idea of any potential income from this ever evolving world of Internet.

Firstly, he got the idea of turning his online entertainment to a source of income from his father, who introduced him to few of the money making practices such as blogging, AdSense, link building and basic SEO. Later on when he became more serious about this opportunity. He asked a domain of his own from his dad, and consequently got one. He then launched his own Blog about the online gaming he was so fond of. Carl produced original content and with time, he realized that his blog/forum has made a tremendous inroads and he was earning really well. At that time he launched few other blogs and virtually duplicated what he was doing with the first one, and the step paid off, as even the other blogs were running high thus multiplying his total revenue a great deal.

His experience and knowledge about the field of Online Money making is quite extensive and well-reputed. He believes people should readily start work on the field which he is confident of doing well. Intentionally resembling his favorite speaker Anthony Robbins who puts the whole issue in this way: “You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.”

Before he rose to fame, he also tried few other blogging areas such as technology, gossips and health but were largely unsuccessful. However, when he rose to fame, it created a massive wave and even Google put him on the Rank #1 in its search result for “Make Money Online”.

Thus Carl proved that if you are passionate enough about something, you can achieve it despite being faced with adversaries of various dimensions.

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