How-To do Effective Sales For Freelancer?

How to Do Effective Sales for Freelancer Usually the non-sales persons will consider any kind of sales-person as a manipulative money lecher, who, should be barred from making any progress in his intent. When it comes to ’sale’ services, a freelancer will naturally fell uncomfortable and disinterested.

This article will thus shed light on few myths about sales and why should you be proficient at this aspect of your freelance business.

A Matchmaking Game

To many people, a sale is just a manipulation from seller’s part to sell the product. However, this is not true. What salespersons do is they try to make a match between their services and the need of client. In the end, both of them are benefited from each other. It is the building of a relationship that can be really handy when the client needs some kind of solution.

A Numbers Games

Off course you need to charge the customer a certain amount in exchange of your service. In the end, you also need to generate a certain amount for you business and life. Different business may have different number values, but the basic principle is same for every business. Thus there is nothing abstruse behind a freelancer’s aim to sale his service.

Do Not Neglect

Many freelancers will try to avoid sales activities when they are busy with projects or other things. This is a blunder that may seriously impede your revenue generation. You should conduct sales activities at least one hour per day. Set aside some extra few hours per week to review your sales status and evaluate your sales strategy.

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21. Be Updated

There are plenty of freelance sties are coming into existence basically everyday. Some of them containing really useful and different kind of tools that may really help in your work. Thus always keep an open eye about what great new thing that are coming out that can be relevant to your projects.

22. Do Not Forget the Old Clients (80/20 Rule)

There is a saying that 80% business will be done from the existing list of clients who you served already. The remaining 20% will be the new persons that are being added in the list of happy customer smile. Thus you should master the art of keeping them up-to-date about your projects and services and at the same time keep an open eye on the opportunities that they may bring along.

23. Get Referral Business

Referrals are the key personnel who will push your business forward by referring to you in places that they see fit. Many of them will do it for free out of satisfaction from your work or many of them will exchange some deal with you. All in all, you should have a large base of effective referrals.

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16. Team up

It is often a good approach to partner up with other freelancers for a single project or you may partner them for you own need. For example if you are working online, the you may develop a tie with other type of service provider such as designer, SEOs, writer, marketer etc. It is kind of work delegation but in this approach you are directly dealing with someone professional and at the same time, freelancer. So correspondence becomes easier and more effective.

17. Be Professional

Being professional is one of the key factors that needs to be attained to be successful in any attempt. So a professional approach could helps to close a contract.

18. Effective Invoice Management

If you do not send your invoice timely as set before, you will get a delayed payment. So you should use various online and offline tools that let you have a sound invoice management facilities. Also, if you exchange money through online, always use the notable options such as AlertPay or PayPal.

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11. Use Your Time

It is vitally important that you make every possible attempt to make use of your work hours to achieve some progress with the project in hand. If you squander away the work hours on a regular basis, then it is very difficult to catch up later on. So try to focus and prioritise the working hours for useful work only.

12. Being a Blogger

This is always a good idea to publish your work related stuffs that may help you promote your business in a better and globalise manner. Write about the nature of your work and also publish contents showing how your service can help the customers to grow their business. This will eventually attract the customers if the content is catchy enough.

13. Networking

It is a good and effective idea to network as much as you can with common mass and fellow freelancers. This will surely help in spreading words about your work and thus getting the leads. The fellow freelancers can also help you in passing their own project if they are too busy or if they lack the required skill set. All in all it doesn’t at all hurt to have an expanding network of people, both clients and other freelancers.

14. Save Ideas

You should save any creative idea that may flitter through your mind during a project or you find from some other place. Though it may not be needed for the running project, it may help you in future projects thus greatly saving your time and reducing your effort. More importantly, by doing this you are using your thoughts and creativeness in an optimum way.

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6. Be Dedicated

If you are taking up a project, you are certainly putting yourself into a commitment with the client and you should do your best (But be logical about your own life as well) to produce optimum result.

7. Keep a Record

It is best to keep a record of every expenses that you have to incur. If you have a dedicated room designated as office in your home premises, then you should have separate record keeping books for home and official expenses.

8. Do not Under-Sell Yourself

It is important to understand that at the initial stage you may not be so successful with high prices per project, but, it is also a fact that if you sell yourself too cheap. It will affect your name in a negative way as well. Thus be logical and use the following formula to go about setting project rates:

The general trend is to have 15 workable days in a month with 8 hours of work, thus it gives you a total of 1440 hours in a year. The rest of the time will be spent upon other purposes such as administrative tasks, marketing, enhancing skills, having some breaks, etc. Once you know you hourly rate, apply to that in each project to determine the final rate. Besides, you should also increase your rate with time as you grow more experienced and professional.

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