Free Workshop to Learn "Make Money From Blogging"

2 weeks ago, I attended the Profit Blogging Workshop which was organised by AsiaOnline Mastery Sdn Bhd at Crystal Crown Hotel, PJ. Thanks for SC.Wong for the invitation to this valuable workshop. Initially, my purpose of attending was to find out MORE on how blogging can be a source of part-time income and subsequently turning it into a full time income.

Melvin Ng & Poh Ee During the workshop, I felt glad to meet up with the 2 Blogging Master cum speakers, Steven Wong and Melvin Ng(The Smart Guy in Black Suit). I found them to be knowledgeable, sincere and approachable. In fact, during my conversation with them, I discovered that their passion for conducting the Profit Blogging Workshop was to show more Malaysians how they can increase their income through blogging, as they had done it themselves.

According to them, blogging is one of the easiest and fastest way to make money online that only requires minimal time and investment. The setup cost is negligible and it is suitable for someone with no web designing, programming or even IT technical knowledge.

Profit Blogging Workshop Agenda During their presentation, they shared their 5 Points Profit Blogging System which they personally use, the 3 secrets of successful blogging, and the 3 major reasons why people fail in blogging. Check out the agenda of the workshop from the photo captured in the workshop.

In my opinion, this Profit Blogging Workshop serves as a foundation for people who want to make money on the Internet. I learned that to be successful in blogging or any Internet business, we need to have a ‘Proven System’ and the correct mentoring, which the Profit Blogging Workshop can provide..

Steven and Melvin will be conducting the Profit Blogging Bootcamp on 5th & 6th July 2008. For further info, check out their website at

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Comment by Serene
2008-06-22 16:16:59

I’m so interested to attend the workshop, but too bad it’s in KL while I’m in East Malaysia :( Well, hope you keep writing more $$$ related posts haha.. Thanks for the info, I get to learn one thing ^^

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Comment by Writing from Home Subscribed to comments via email
2008-06-23 10:28:32

$36,322.57 for adsense income as per asiaonlinemastery?! Wow! How can it happen? But I personally salute to them as it is not easy to achieve that. Probably they have spent so much learning from other gurus and also spend a lot of money using certain advertising program like google adwords to drive traffic which I do not know. Hopefully they can organize it in Penang. If need help, just let me know and I can work closely with them too.

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2008-06-30 11:13:40

Thanks for writing a review for us.

FYI, Our traffic are purely come from Search Engine FREE traffic, we didn’t use any advertising to drive traffic. This is to ensure you have long term organic search engine traffic landed to our sites.

Currently we are organising the workshop in Klang Valley only and we might consider to go Penang/JB in near future, if you want to find out our upcoming workshop in your city, you can fill up our mailing list and receive updates from us in future.

Steven Wong

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Comment by Autoxten
2011-07-04 20:16:54

our site is very informative and full of knowledge… It showcases the talent of your mind and it has a lot of great points to deal with. Very inspirational message and terrific to read in. Two thumbs up to the people who made this blog. A job well –done guys and hope you will continue doing great blogs in the future. See yah…

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