A Sad Story of a Scam Job Victim

Thanks to Ms.Lam Poh Yee for contributing a true story of a scam victim. We found it very interesting and would like to share it with the community.

The Story

scam job story Once, a friend of mine who came from Perak, trying his luck to find a job in KL. Unfortunately, he fall into a scam that was being advertised by one Company ABC (not to be disclosed here). This company claimed that they can find a matching job for my friend if he join them for a fee, RM160. The fee basically covers the registration, resume production, an interview, and job search.

My friend paid them and the process began. First, they produced a resume for my friend and even burned it into a CD. Then, one of the self-claimed interview officer interviewed my friend and evaluated his skills throughout the interview. After the interview, the officer told my friend he would submit the resume to a ‘travel agency’ applying for the admin clerk position that promised a basic salary of RM1200/month.

They issued a payment receipt and a copy of agreement to be signed by my friend. My friend, being the victim did not know anything about the scam and signed the papers. He happily thought that he had found the right job as the company promised my friend would get the job within a few days. All my friend had to do that time was waiting for their call.

My friend waited and waited until one day the officer called and inform him that he had to wait for another few days as the company they submitted his resume hadn’t reply them yet. My friend started to smell the rat but then what he could do but waited for the next few days. The final result of this scam was that the officer called again and this time the officer informed my friend that the ‘travel agency’ they submitted had rejected his resume and my friend was at lost. Not only he did not get any job but he also forfeited his RM160 (which he borrowed from a friend).

This company is located at the heart of KL. Physically, this company appeared to be a professional company but deep down there is a scam behind them. The company is a registered company and that allowed them to operate without any disruption.

My friend lodged a report at National Consumer CC and until today he is still waiting for the judgement. However, I don’t really think that there will be any judgement at all. It is simply too difficult to catch them unless if the luck is on our side but with their cunning ideas, luck hardly is on our side.
So, what have we learnt here? Be careful when choosing a job agency. Do research their background, check if there is anyone else who has been using the service of this company and ask them their experience with this company.

How to Identify Scam Job Agency?

Job Agencies are very popular place for graduates to set a foot finding the right job. How many job agencies that actually deliver the real jobs to these graduates? Actually only few agencies that are truly real. So how to distinguish between the real and fake job agencies? It is difficult to know.

However, the best way to find out the culprit, one can always try to search at consumer related website such as consumer.com.my. You may check out the list of scam companies which reported with us. You may find out what other consumers have to say about the scam job agency that one intend to join.

Always remember, "Never Paid To Get A Job" especially Part Time Job.

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Comment by Cheng Subscribed to comments via email
2008-09-23 22:18:46

Robbed: I came into this site too late. Got scammed by Top Universal Pyramid Enterprise - yes they r really enterprising in their crooked ways! Tribunal for Consumers set 22/10 for the hearing, don’t know whether these scumbags will turn up. These crooks mocked that I can go to TCC, they r ok with it! What I can’t understand is how they can operate so boldly
when complaints are filed agst them with TCC and police! No action taken agst them?

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