Review: Is a Scam?

Is DataEntryPortal a scam? DataEntryPortal is a company for general Data Entry Work. However, as there are thousands of scam artists also trying to sell this kind of lucrative business opportunities, it has virtually become impossible to find a genuine one. This article will try to illustrate some point which will clarify that,, like many other scam artists, also falls into the world of black listed names.

First and foremost, they do not have any address or any person’s contact umber. Had it been a legit organization sincerely working towards its goal, it must have an office and customer support centre, but none you can find in the website, clearly signaling something fishy is going on.

The promised amount per day is around USD 400, which is really quite high for Data Entry works and thus naturally springs out an air of suspicion. This suspicion is further fuelled by the fact that when you see, just like other scam sites, it also requires you to pay a ONE TIME fee of USD 57. So, if it is a work that you will do, and will pay a commission to the company, then you should have no reason to pay any startup fees; but, here you have to pay which is obviously a telling factor that you are going to waste your money and nothing else.

In their testimonial section, there is no way to verify the so called “Satisfied” users who have put their comment to bolster the claim of Therefore, you do not have any guarantee that the comments are really genuine or not. Further, on top of the page, they have assured you that they can not in any way help you to identify the person, thus, al these comments are just lies for sure.

Here is a comment from the victim:

I need to tell you about the biggest scam I have ever seen. The site is

If you want to see a scam to its fullest, this is it. I paid $57.00 and all I got was some links to other Data Entry companies that you have to pay more money…That was it! I could have found the same content and more by doing a search on Google for “Data Entry Jobs” So I contacted them because they show a “Risk free Guarantee” on their site which is the only reason I would have tried it anyways. BUT, when I requested a refund they said to read the fine print of their “Terms of Use” which states no refunds. Very deceptive advertisement. I see why they would not give the money back because if you see what you get for $57.00, they would have 100% of their customers demanding refunds.

Source: Joe

All in all, I’ll recommend you to stay away from such scam artists who claims to provide you Data entry jobs in exchange of fee and with no address or any person’s contact number. These are just imposters and cheaters who will rob you off your money if you give them any chance.

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Comment by Poh Yee
2008-10-30 15:02:45

Well..this is no surprise.. they charge the money so you can get some stupid links to more sites claiming to offer great data entry jobs and then charging you more money as well in order to get more information which turn out to be more stupid links..

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Comment by Maria
2010-09-05 04:05:51

Thats one hell of a massive dirt scam! I would say never ever sign up with them… I would recommend this is a legitimate company but I am sure making big money may not be possible. Good luck!

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Comment by Bill Prior
2012-09-26 18:34:41

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2017-12-05 16:50:07

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Comment by 7 Figure Cycle
2017-12-05 16:52:34

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Comment by Homepage
2018-12-07 20:45:46

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