Scam Review: Is / a scam? - Scam Review Recently, there are two jobs posted on our job board. These jobs is talked about making money by joining and respectively. Our Scam Investigation team did a quick check on these websites. Here is the report:-

It is another Work-From-Home Business strategy that promises to germinate a decent income flow to the user of the system. It is available in five different languages and you are required to input some of your information to begin with.

From the beginning, a positive impression is created in user’s mind due the attractive home page it has. When you input some of your information such as name, country, phone number etc, you are taken to a page where you’ll see some statistical record.

Now as you move forward, you continue the journey inside this impressively well-designed web site. For the first time, you get to know that it’s about wellness product; and revolving around wellness industry. The web portal claims the importance and boom of this industry by instituting the following fact:

“The Wellness Industry is a new, exciting industry that is already achieving sales of $500 Billion in the U.S. ASIA, follows the same trend and has even passed the $500 Billion mark (That is an amazing $300 Billion growth in 5 short years). Within the next few years The Wellness Industry is well on its way to pass the growth of the $1 Trillion auto industry and the $1 Trillion PC industry.”

From these facts it is really pretty clear that this industry does have a future and that the web portal seems to be genuine, as its offering has got some basis. So, on the next screen we can see some testimonials of satisfied customer. If we proceed further, you will end up having a screen where you can fill out all the details to start as an active member.

However, as you can see at the bottom of the page that it is not actually free and the minimum amount you’ve to invest is RM 200. If you are not interested, you can back off at this point or you can further proceed. If you’ve successfully completed the form, you should be assigned a coach, coach name will appear in the screen. He will suppose to contact you within 48 hours. In the meanwhile, you can see a video sent into your inbox to get a general overview.

From our experience, it is a 99% scam site. I am sure you get nothing after you pay the RM200 for investment. They are trying to cheat you by showing all the unbelievable statistic. Once you get excited and pay them, then you are fallen into their well-designed trap. No return back!

Don’t believe all this "Too Good to be True" program. We are feeling sad to see all the victims report their experience to us. By reading their scam stories, you will know whether this is genuine or not.

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Comment by Jolene
2008-04-28 12:06:50

I almost kena once but when I saw the fee, I told myself forget it lah… Not free also..

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Comment by PohEe
2008-04-28 15:22:15

What is the feel when you almost complete filling up all the required information?
Do you feel wasted?

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Comment by Den
2008-06-05 02:22:33

Such brilliant flash implementation.Something I’m still struggling with. These scammers are great at codings and complex designs,what of waste of talent.

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Comment by pizzo Subscribed to comments via email
2008-11-19 05:01:40

Confirmed. It’s a scam site.

I did a search on NYSE’s company listing directories, there’s no such companies listed.

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Comment by Hiruku
2008-11-20 07:19:30

What I am about to say is well-intended–perhaps, out of place–though, it is at utmost importance.

I praise for the devotion to freelancers/part-timers, for posting timely articles that are relevant especially in asian context. Having a site like this with contents that are close to home is a nice change.

The effort on giving a heads up to freelancers against scams and fraud is plausible.

Scammers’ M.O. is by taking advantage of starting freelancers/fresh graduates whom is in dire need for that extra income or a job. These scam companies are spoiling the industry.

Now this is the point where what I’m saying is going down hill.

Scam companies/websites posting bogus jobs indeed tarnishes the field of creative endeavors for freelancers, however, it is but one of the factors; not as damaging on what is really ruining the industry: spec works (speculative work).

Spec works are legitimate jobs, offered via open tender system in which freelancers are supposedly to bid–with their skill sets/experience and expected payment–in order for them to secure the job.

These are offered by legitimate companies/persons/organizations, whom exploits the same vulnerability spots of freelancers as scammers does, by having top-notch works done for them in exchange for undeserving compensation on the freelancer’s part.

This business practice had done far significant damage to the creative industry. In comparison to scam/bogus work offerings, which are a sure, quick, merciful death, this, is the opposite.

Professional graphic design/writing is about creating custom solutions, not cookie-cutter concepts.

I’ve read an article at this site that mentioned about a situation where freelancers/part-timers are to raise what they charges.

Ironically, while other commodities such as oils, personal/professional expenses, utility bills experienced price hikes, the payment/rate for graphic design work are declining and, are getting worse by the year. Where and what are the economic sense in that? Does it makes sense to you?

A bid for a freelance design job is no longer about who can provide better solution fitting for specific problems, it now had solely turned into who can offer the cheapest.

Should this scenario are sketch-able in visuals, we are looking at a scene of an auction taking place that sounds like this:

Auctioner: “Do I hear 3 dollars? Yes, 3 dollars to the gentleman. Now we’re offering at 2, Do I hear a 2?”

Buyer: “A dollar and 50!”

Auctioner: “A dollar and 50, the price is now a dollar. Do I hear a 80 cents?”

Buyer: “50!”

Auctioner: “Sold! The item is now closed for auction, to the lady for 20 cents. Thank you very much.”

In a bizzare POV if the pricing in freelance graphic design keeps declining at this rate, in the future, we are looking at a prospect of freelance designers/writers offering their services for free, much to the cringe of companies saying: “What–free?! Can’t you at least discount it a bit more?”

I enclosed this with saying while browsing through the classified ads at, I’d say quite a number of the offers posted were a spectacle to behold. I’m surprised such offers are allowed, here out of any place.

For instance, “magazine quality articles”–that “require”–”research” for, wait for it – RM20 and design job for RM50 PER—a COMPANY–LOGO @ Intel.Props. @ Identity. And there I was, thinking the world had ran out of surprises.

So I reiterate, what I’m saying here perhaps, is out of place–though, it is at utmost importance.

Say no to Spec!

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Comment by Hieronymos
2009-02-17 13:28:09

I have been approached to check out but this site came out on top when I Googled it. I have no prior knowledge of asiaparttime so my comments are honestly non-biased. I see your concern to help inform and warn the general public of certain dangers but after reading this article, surprisingly I don’t know what to believe.

The reason I’m not 100% shaken by your findings is because what WFH has professionally presented “information” on opportunities while the author of this article has failed terribly to convince me with strong hard facts on this particular company and the disputable credibility of “From our experience…”. I mean is there a reliable source from a group of known professionals in reviewing and researching the background and verifying the offers? If so, who are they? I don’t mean to get personal but even the poor English hurts the chance of convincing me.

So thanks, but for the sake of us all, please accept my humble suggestions

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Comment by Dr. Young
2009-11-04 10:51:39

Pretty sad to see this website of yours, so-called to help the public to differentiate what is scam and what is not. It is quite clear that the findings and info posted on your website is pretty shallow = did not go through extensive research. For the information you posted, you may have rob the public from their future to be genuinely related to a great opportunity that may have help them to earn a better life. I strongly suggest YOU to do your research PROPERLY and EXTENSIVELY before you feel adequate to post these so-called info to help the public to differentiate SCAM or NOT SCAM. I myself am a Researcher and hope the public will go and find out in details themselves (IN PERSON) about any opportunities and not just taking a couple of minutes reading someone else’s reviews. Shame on this website.

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