Top 16 Scammers In Malaysia Part – 3 of 5


7. Energy Products

(eg. stone pendants, bracelets, mattress and pillows). They use all sorts of gimmicks and demonstration to make you into believing them. They will do some tricks and demo to prove that these products really produce energy BUT is there any tricks in their demo? So what if there really produce energy; is it good or strong enough to help the body? The effect is actually PLACEBO which I will elaborate in a new thread soon. (More details later.)


8. Hi-Tech Products

Names like bio-tech, nano-tech that claimed millions of dollars of research involved, eg Bio-Young and XKL few years ago. Most of these will claimed a professor behind them (even with name and picture of a person) or used words like “U.S.A. formula”, “German Technology” or “Nanotechnology” and no further details (more details later). If you ask for more details like the professor or factory’s address, the answer will be “trade secrets”.


9. Investment Schemes

SWISSCASH is the King of all. Swisscash is nearly over now but there are many similar and smaller ones that are still on. (Now, it’s closed or stopped paying back members.)

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Comment by Christina Subscribed to comments via email
2009-11-14 18:53:38

i heard abt it too…anyone ever heard of SEAGULL INFOTECH?any1 tried it b4?

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Comment by anil kumar Subscribed to comments via email
2010-02-22 23:25:12

there is one in penang which offer job typing. but now it looks like been closed shop !!!!

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Comment by nadzry Subscribed to comments via email
2010-03-01 23:56:01

mm,i’ve been there at 1/3/2010..still closed..don.t know why,..what’s going on there..? they put a noticed said that all the payment will transaction..that day..but..oh God..!! everybody really hope seagull infotech manager..can settle this problem…please…

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Comment by jega pg Subscribed to comments via email
2012-08-23 04:32:17

well. that hopeless d. the seagull manager also gone d with the lastly invested money.

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Comment by Tony Subscribed to comments via email
2010-02-25 08:19:59

all these BPO’s are scam….mostly from INDIA are scam….beware of these scamers….there is no such business can make half of what u have invested in a MONTH…..ALL of them are BLODDY cheat & Fraud (420)

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Comment by Allen Subscribed to comments via email
2010-08-27 14:25:26

Friends just asking,anyone know about EEKEY Enterprise (001935759-H) and A TO Z Creative (001907182-P)? They are offering part-time work from home jobs.

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Comment by bavani Subscribed to comments via email
2012-02-08 15:53:39

hi , pls comment on

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