Top 16 Scammers In Malaysia Part – Introduction to 5 Part

Got this email passed from email forwarding from my cousin, normally I would ignore these mail but the title captured my attention and that I thought this should go up on the blog, these are not our original content so we will quote this. The email is preety long so its broken into 5 section to make it easier to read and comment on the companies listed. And we all appreciate comments from the community on this. So here’s the list of companies.

  1. The Cafe Scams - Island Red Cafe & Stevens Corner
  2. Sunshine Empire
  3. MobilWallet
  4. Water Business - Oxygenated and Alkaline Water Products
  5. Car Fuel Booster - K-Link
  6. Perfumery Products
  7. Energy Products
  8. Hi-Tech Products
  9. Investment Schemes
  10. GoldQuest
  11. Numerogy & Fortune Telling
  12. MJ - Life
  13. Seaweed Venture Scams
  14. MXM (Previously MGM)
  15. NuLife (HK)
  16. Aro wan a Fish Breeding


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Comment by Sarah
2009-07-26 00:02:33

Good job Poh Ee.

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Comment by wl loo
2009-10-08 18:52:27

heard of stevico? i think its also a scam. very dubious. websites claim they are japanese linked. not likely. fictitious names, lots of pictures of japanese models but i doubt they are legal. also so called research papers probably plagiarised or nothing to do with the products they are selling. also have a viagra type product claimed to boost performance within an hour.
all products likely from china and repacked in malaysia. also jumping on lutein wagon. selling at half the price of super lutein (another dubious mlm). no way we can see better in just a couple of hours. haha

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Comment by Nyon
2010-06-14 15:34:28

“Single/divorced men from the UK” targeting single/divorced women from Asia (especially Malaysia because it’s a known fact that Malaysians are willing to part from their hard-earned money in the name of love, making a quick buck, and the like). They say they’re well established financially. They’re in love with you (regardless of your ethnic background or religion, as long as you have a consistent income and can give them money). They say they’ll come to Malaysia to marry you. When the day comes, you get a call from a local Malay woman who says she’s a Customs officer who has the guy detained for carrying a ridiculous amount of British Pounds and will only release him and the money if you deposit a couple of grand (RM20000, 30000?) into an individually owned local bank account. The guy who says he’ll marry you demands that you help him. If you’re ignorant enough, you will deposit the money into the account and ‘rescue’ your non-existing Prince Charming. Ladies, BEWARE!

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Comment by GOH SH Subscribed to comments via email
2011-01-09 14:48:15

I read with amusement this article and comments by readers.

First of all, I would like to congratulate and solute the author for his effort to ‘expose’ scams in the country with the intention to ’save’ people from being cheated.

We need more people to help us share proper information so that the public can make an informed judgement.

Nevertheless, I always feel sad whenever I read this type of articles because they are always not based on FACTS. This type of articles usually take things out of context, have a lot of seemingly right but misleading wrong or old facts. An unaware reader will usually believe in the article because there is no way he can find out the true facts. Besides, this type of articles usually are written with negative emotions and people are usually moved by negative emotions.

Many scientific facts written in this article clearly show that the author does not have any sound science background and does not bother to find out facts from scientific journals.

I just wish next time whenever anyone wants to write anything like this, refer to trusted websites like Malaysian government websites, scientific journals etc. The list of registered legetimate MLM companies are published by the ministry online.

Trying to ’save’ people is very noble. However, while doing so, one who uses twisted, old, misleading facts are wicked or simply ignorant.

Well, that is the power of internet. There are good people and there are bad people who may simply write anything for certain ulterial motive.

A caution to readers is that, do not believe in any blogs blindly. Check facts from trusted authorities.

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Comment by Daandre Jansen van Vuuren Subscribed to comments via email
2011-11-02 20:06:24

1. We are currently in negotiations for an investment loan in Malaysia through the under mentioned persons. We are travelling to KL next week to finalize the transaction, however, I am inquiring if you may know if this institution are legitimate. We want to ensure that there are proper due diligence during the process
+ 601-721-93-941

Please be kind to let me know if this person are indeed mandated business person.
D Jansen van Vuuren

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Comment by goh seng hong Subscribed to comments via email
2011-11-03 14:50:27

DR COOKE ANDREAS MARTINS is not a Malaysian name. Please be very careful. There are many African and South american foreigners in Malaysia scamming people. They are very professional and convincing. More often than not they will partner with one or two Malaysians to make it sound real.

I highly suspect it is a scam. Please get your embassy in Malaysia to check it out properly for you.

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Comment by ARMIN BIN A.RAHMAN Subscribed to comments via email
2011-11-09 06:40:19

Goh seng hong you are one of the people giving malaysia bad name by saying” There are many African and South american foreigners in Malaysia scamming people. They are very professional and convincing. More often than not they will partner with one or two Malaysians to make it sound real and you suspect but you are not sure…Are you a victim? or you are just saying without proof..shame on you Goh !!! and am sure you are Malaysian.

Jansen kindly check with your embassy, Instead of posting this details here because you are not a victim as well so who know the might be real and you are giving them bad names and it’s not the best way to find out if it’s a real people or scam people..

I personally checked ALMOFLEH ABDULLAH RESOURCES SDN BHD, the don’t have any bad records expect this one you posted. I think i will search for there direct details and inform them..

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