10 Essential Ways to Expand Your Referral Network for Your Freelance Business.

Freelance Referral Maintaining a steady income-flow is of utmost necessity for a freelancer. And the only way to achieve this to always have clients in hand. Therefore many freelancers spent their valuable work time looking for clients here and there and some just hopes for the best. Instead of looking everywhere in a blunt way will not read any advantage.

This articles discusses few tips using which this attempt of referral business can be made a success:

Provide Quality Work

If you can furnish the client with supreme work of topmost quality, then they will be so pleased that they won’t hesitate to share their pleasant experience with you to their other friends and families, who, might be looking for a same kind of quality service. So they themselves will find you out. Without quality in product, it is nearly impossible to get referrals.

Customer Handling

The freelancers must be professional with the customer, he should communicate clearly and in a timely manner. Also it should be noted that he must take customer’s priority as his own and should be fully focused to see if the customer is having any kind of difficulty to go through the process.

Promise According to The Reality

Never over-promise to customer that is out of control or reach from your part. In this way if you later can’t meet the expectation, the client will be disappointed.

Ask for Referrals

After you satisfy the customer, ask them for anyone who is looking for the service you provide. Remind them that getting referrals is a big part of your own stability.

Business Card

It is vitally important that you have a business card clearly outlining your contact information and what kind of service you provide. And whenever you get a chance, don’t hesitate to distribute it also. In fact it shows more professionalism.

Clearly State The Services You Provide

May be you provide service in multiple areas, of which not all the clients are aware of. So, you make them informed about your other areas and they may see someone into their contact list looking for service that may fall into your areas of expertise.

Ask for Feedback

Ask for feedback after you have finished the project, questions such as how the work was, will the client will refer you or if anything in your area needs to be improved.

Thank Them

When someone sends you a referral, take the time to thank him at the earliest instance possible.

Develop a Professional Network

It is also extremely important that you develop a network with other freelancers, cause they might have clients looking for expertise in your area of knowledge, which your fellow freelancer might not have or they may find themselves busy at that time, therefore they can redirect the client to you.

Do Not Forget the Ex-Clients

When the job is done, and it is agreed that no more work of this sort is needed in near future, just don’t forget that client as they will remember you for you good service and in return if you can keep in touch with them, they will send referrals to you once they have any.

Following these tips can maximize the work result of referral business and in return can churn out great benefits to every freelance.

This post is summarized from The Freelancer’s Guide to Increasing Referral Business. Photo by GameRandy.com.

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