10 Points To Keep In Mind When Starting Out As A Freelancer

freelance tips to keep in mind Working as a freelance professional gives you great freedom over your own work and as such you can really excel if you put efforts. But before diving straight in, you should bear the following points in mind, which can really help you to have a smooth startup:

Do Not Stop Your Regular Job So Soon

It is always better to start off with a well calculated plan and expectation. Thus if you are really confident that leaving your 9-5 day job will not hurt your initial stagers of freelance career, you may chose to do so. However, if you have any doubt or uncertainty, it is better to continue working for couple of months. Then leave when you have really understood the mechanism of freelancing and started to generate good sustainable revenues.

Prepare Yourself to Work Hard

Freelance job gives you many amenities but it is also true that you really have to work hard and often more than then usual regular job. Thus don’t be taken a back when the workload is more than you expect and of varying category such as marketer, accountant, writer etc.

Time Management

Time management is something that is challenging to every freelancer. In the world of freelancing, time management is the single most crucial aspect. It is better that you plan everyday ahead of time and try to stick to that schedule as far as you can. However, there will be many distractions which can make thing harder, thus take necessary amount of free leisure too.

Avoid Procrastination

Do not get over confident and maintain a calmness and self-discipline in your work and everyday life. As in the end of the day, you still have to deal with Client’s project.

Spend Wisely

It is better that you be careful with money matters in the initial days of your freelance career. As you need to have money to invest in your business and to do marketing.


Having a strong network of clients and friends is the basis of getting continuous work. Thus you should really focus on building a strong and long term relationship with fellow freelancers, clients and blog readers. Try to make friendship with other freelancers, distribute your business card, send emails, read blogs and comment on blogs and do anything you deem will help you to spread words about your work and skills.

First Project

First project is always important and you should complete it with good effect and given project deadline. This will surely impress client and an admirable testimonial from him will surely help to get more clients in the future. Perhaps, the same client will give you more freelance jobs in the future.

Do Not Stress Yourself

This is vitally important to remember that you do not stress yourself buy working overtime in a continuous manner. As the saying goes, “Health is Wealth”, and thus you should never really compromise on your health issues as at the end it may cost you a lot in terms of money and reputation.

Enhance yourself

Always keep on enhancing your skill sets. This really opens up many other opportunities and helps you deliver quality product.

Forget Useless Stuffs

As you progress along, you will see many things are different than what you have though. So be prepared to unlearn those stuffs and move along with the ones that benefit you the most.

Thus before taking off, every freelancer should have a thought about these points and make decision accordingly.

This post is summarized from 10 Things To Keep In Mind When Starting Out As A Freelancer.

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