25 Essential Tips for Maximizing Your Freelance Income - Part 3

Maximizing Your Freelance Incomes This is the third part of our series of maximizing freelance revenue by adopting the most effective 25 ways of going about freelance business.

11. Use Your Time

It is vitally important that you make every possible attempt to make use of your work hours to achieve some progress with the project in hand. If you squander away the work hours on a regular basis, then it is very difficult to catch up later on. So try to focus and prioritise the working hours for useful work only.

12. Being a Blogger

This is always a good idea to publish your work related stuffs that may help you promote your business in a better and globalise manner. Write about the nature of your work and also publish contents showing how your service can help the customers to grow their business. This will eventually attract the customers if the content is catchy enough.

13. Networking

It is a good and effective idea to network as much as you can with common mass and fellow freelancers. This will surely help in spreading words about your work and thus getting the leads. The fellow freelancers can also help you in passing their own project if they are too busy or if they lack the required skill set. All in all it doesn’t at all hurt to have an expanding network of people, both clients and other freelancers.

14. Save Ideas

You should save any creative idea that may flitter through your mind during a project or you find from some other place. Though it may not be needed for the running project, it may help you in future projects thus greatly saving your time and reducing your effort. More importantly, by doing this you are using your thoughts and creativeness in an optimum way.

15. Hand out Responsibilities

Delegate side-works (Such as billing, fixing appointments etc) to others if you feel too much under pressure by the amount of work or projects you are getting. Though it is true that you may have to incur some extra expenses, but doing this often helps to build a better management of multiple projects at a time. This will obviously churn out more and more revenue.

So this ends the third part of our twenty five tips of maximizing revenue from freelancing. If you miss out the previous excellent resources, check out the Part 1 and Part 2.

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Comment by Delores
2011-05-10 08:53:16

I feel so much happier now I udnrestnad all this. Thanks!

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Comment by lttvnaqa
2011-05-12 22:21:17
Comment by Outsourcemyjob Subscribed to comments via email
2018-12-24 11:38:03

whatever we are doing we need some guide. This is very informative and I have learnt some important things. Hope these will work for us.

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