5 Essential Habits of a Successful Freelancer

essential habits for freelancers There are many freelancers who earn their living entirely from various freelancing activities such as web design, editing, copy-writing etc. However, they all have the following five traits in common and this article will reflect some lights on these traits:

Design/Write Each Day

The primary attraction towards freelance work is due to the fact that the freelancers love what they do. They have the love for writing or drawing or whatever skill they have developed. And by involving this to a freelancing career path is one of the most desirable to them as that means bringing money for something he would have done anyway. It pushes them to cling to their work everyday.

Being Proactive

When they have designed something really good or have written down something worthy, they do not sit back and expect the local newspapers or magazines to call them up for the material, instead, the freelancers are proactive in letting the local publishers know that they have something at hand. Most of the freelancers tend to market their product in as many places as they can. They have the habit of taking the initiative in their own hand.

Having Multiple Streams of Income

Majority of the freelancers have more than one way of generating income, and in fact in almost all cases, the second line is somehow related to the first one. For example, a writer may sell some catchy expression to strap I on some T-shirt or logo design, experienced web developers may involve themselves in some online design consultancy etc.

Owning a Website

Having a website is the key these days to become a successful freelancer. The need of this is immense as it means you can keep your presence in online world for 24/7. Your clients can get your background information from any place of the world at any time they wish, and as such, all successful freelancers do have their own site.

Note that it do not has to be an expensive investment. Most clients are looking for information rather than entertainment. Thus just make your site simple and professional looking, free of grammatical errors, keep it updated and market it wherever you can.

Working More Than 40hours/week

The reality is, though it is a flexible occupation, it still requires work and sometimes they end up working much more than a regular 40 hour work paradigm; as sometimes they will be seen with not that much work at all but the other times they will not be found for weeks due to the pressure of projects.

So these were the five common traits that I believed. Basically every freelancers share among themselves; and some of them are really important that any newbie should also pick up. You may find more traits from the The 7 Highly Effective Habits of Successful Freelancers by Lord Brar.

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