Essential Resources for Freelancers - Part 1

Freelancing has become a popular choice for many new starters. This article will focus on 20 most helpful web resources on freelancing. The first part contains first five of these:


Freelance Switch - Your Trusted Freelance Blog In the world of freelancing, the usefulness of this site can not be stressed more. It is a site by the freelancers themselves. When you open the homepage you will be struck with a beautifully and professionally designed home page which will fuel your expectations. You will find that the site contains almost everything a freelancer needs to support his career. Everything from advices, jobs and resources to even rarest of tips and tricks that you will hardly see in other sites. With 22,400 subscribers till now, the site is flourishing rapidly.


WakeUpLater - Your Trusted Freelance Blog Another well-designed web site for freelancers, web-hosts, marketers and online business individuals. Alongside the advices and tips for freelances, it has a repository of Flash and audio elements which the freelancres can use for their own web site development. It also encourages the sharing of ideas through Interview with different levels of “Working in the Web” individuals. Total subscribers for this site is also quite impressive, totaling around 1873 till now.

Garrett Dimon

Garrett Dimon - Your Trusted Freelance Blog This web site is also dedicated to freelancing but is more sort of a personal information repository for the creator G. Dimo. Nevertheless, it also has some useful contents and is subdivided in to Resources, Reading and Events sections. The reading section contains helpful hints abut some books which the G. Dimon deems really good. The Event section contains a listing of recent events. It has few good articles on Server Relocation and Documentation and Interface Designing.

AndyBudd Blogography

AndyBudd Blogography - Your Trusted Freelance Blog This site is actually gigantic resource of nearly every web related content, such as Accessibility, Blogging, Training & Conference, Design, Film and TV, fun stuff, Web designs, Travel, business, etc. You can find some greatly useful articles on Freelancing in the section titled “Business”. The design of the site is quite simple and relax, thus navigation around the archives is also quite simple and intuitive. If you want, you can also contact the author through email by selecting “Contact” option.


Mashable - Your Trusted Freelance Blog As soon as you open their homepage, it may seem cluttered with adds and other linking stuffs. But is you look at with a little concentration, then you can see that it actually is a great pointer to some really exciting freelance stuffs. It holds pointer to myriad classes of freelancing opportunities such as writing, programming, auction, photography to name a few. A very useful site for having a glance of all kind of freelancing opportunities at in shot..

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