How to Bid Freelance Jobs Successfully?

After talked about freelance jobs tips, it is time to share the winning tips on bidding freelance jobs. This article is extracting the juice from Thanks to Top 5 Tips When Bidding For Freelance Work by DailyWirtingTips.

image Freelance work can be of great boon to those who are eager to free themselves from the confinement of regular office work and are willing to accept some unheard of challenge initially. So how you merge yourself into this world of freelance jobs? The most practical answer would be through Freelance Jobsites such as, or

Clients first post what exactly is their requirement in terms of budget scale, timescale and description of the work. By reviewing all these details, you will bid on and from multiple bidders, client will choose one as he sees fit. So as you can realize this system is heavily reliant on mutual trust, thus having various loopholes for agreement breach. This article is aimed to admonish those unsuspecting freelancers who may become a prey of many perilous setups:


Get to know the client first, look for their profile in the web site, look for their company web site, and have other freelancers put favorable comments against their ID? Go through all these, besides check if the posted job description seems coherent and detailed. After you finish studying the client, if any of these is missing or sounds unethical or unprofessional, then I guess you better sidestep the offer.


Do not lower your bid rate just for the sake of getting more and more work, eventually this trend will make you look unprofessional and cheap target, and you’ll not be able progress forward in the industry, so demand according to the current trade.


Sometimes you may find that after the deal has been official, the client banked in a payment little less that the agreed upon, from this point you can either choose to accept it, showing a type of kindness or you can vehemently reject it. My advice will be not to bend down with this curtailed payment, instead write a concise but articulate email to the client saying your inconvenience about the payment scale. If the client seem unsure, help him to attain a satisfactory height, making you both content.


Sometimes clients will want some samples (Often free of Charge) of your work, which will effectively express a black & white proof of your potentiality. However, be careful as the fraudulent client will later try to play you away and thus keeping the sample to him, so that he can use it for his own purpose. So in this scenario best you can do is to demand a copyright on the samples, so the client will not be able to make use of it without your consent. If the client happily agrees, then you know that it is for real and the client is actually serious about continuing with the offer.


By any means do not get into something that is illegal. Such as advertising for something that does not exist, build up reports based completely on falsehood, or directly stealing contents from somewhere without giving credit etc; because if you are indeed targeted for infringement of cyber laws, then it will not take that much effort for the cops (with the aid of networking gurus) to trace you back even if you were under disguise.

Thus by adopting the practices outlined above, you will most certainly manage to skirt unnecessary blows. All the best for your freelance career.

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